Teens Titans? 16 to 19 Year Olds Now Make Up 33.2% Of The National Workforce

July 26, 2021

Are Teens the new Workforce Titans? According to the Associated Press, teenagers have become one of the largest segments of the working population. The reported say that in May, 33.2% of teens ages 16 to 19 were in the national workforce, the highest figure for teen workers since the Great Recession of 2008. As the […]

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NY State Offering Jobs To Help Stop Gun Violence In Rochester

July 23, 2021

To help stop gun violence arcoss NY State, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced 1,813 jobs will be available for at-risk youth across these three areas in the ZIP codes that make up each zone. 961 jobs for Western New York, 631 jobs for Rochester, and 256 jobs for Syracuse Governor Cuomo said. “We remain committed to […]

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Insured Or Not, Medical Debt On The Raise Due To COVID-19

July 21, 2021

Having trouble with medical bills, because of being infected with COVID-19? You are not alone! More than a third of insured adults and half of uninsured adults said they had an issue paying for a medical bill. The national survey conducted by the Commonwealth Fund between March and June 2021 asked 5,450 working-age adults about how […]

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The National Urban League’s 2021 State of Black America

July 16, 2021

Join Urban League of Rochester President and CEO, Dr. Seanelle Hawkins for a extensive report on the effect of COVID-19, Employment, Racial Injustice and more. During National Urban League’s 2021 State of Black America report, “The New Normal: Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive,” Thursday July 15th at starting at 2pm. The Event will stream on @NatUrbanLeague’s Facebook, […]

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Find Out If Are You Eligible For A Child Tax Credit?

July 12, 2021

The Child Tax Credit Payment is coming July 15th. Some families could get up to $3,600 per kid over the course of this year and next. Parents with an income of less than $150,000 (married and filing jointly) will get a max of $300 for each child under the age of 6 and $250 for […]

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Could The Key To Improving Well-Being & Productivity Be A 4-Day Work Week?

July 10, 2021

Would you like to have extra day-off this weekend? What about every weekend? Yep, cutting the 5 day work week down to 4 days? Researchers in Iceland have found that a four-day work week, without a pay cut, improved workers’ well-being and productivity. For four years, researchers tracked 2,500 employees whoreduced their workweek to 35 […]

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Maryland extends pandemic unemployment benefits after court order. Indiana does not.

July 7, 2021

Saturday, Maryland lost many court battles trying to end uneomplyment programs. Due to the losses, Maryland will continue to pay residents unemployment benefits including the $300 federal supplement. CNN reported: “Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, announced last month that he was terminating the three pandemic benefits measures on July 3 in order to spur more people to […]

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New York State Fast-food Minimum Wage Is Now At $15

July 2, 2021

The minimum wage for fast-food workers in the state of New York has now jumped to $15 an hour. New York City’s fast food minimum wage was already at $15 an hour while the rest of the state were at $14.50 since December. Right now is the perfect time to jump on these jobs while […]

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Trump’s Family Business Expected To Be Charged In New York

July 1, 2021

CFO Allen Weisselberg and Donald Trump’s family business are expected to face criminal charges today for allegedly paying employees off the books to avoid taxes. Amongst this, the Trump Organization is said to have paid for cars, apartments, and private school tuition. Trump has denied any wrongdoing, and the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus […]

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Scammers Stole $1 Billion From Elderly In 2020, According To FBI

June 22, 2021

2020 was a terrible year for just about everybody………… but not for scammers! Senior citizens lost almost $1 billion in scams last year.  According to an FBI report released this week. A total of 105,301 people over the age of 65 were scammed, with an average loss of $9,175, and almost 2,000 older Americans lost more […]

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