The Face App

July 17, 2019

Written by DJ Sight One of the newest trending topics that’s going crazy on social media right now is an app called The Face App. This app lets you take a picture and gives you an idea of what you’re going to look like when you become elderly, and also brings back memories as it […]

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July 3, 2019

Written by Atu Does life as you know it today match your general impression of how we connected as human beings when you were a child? I have this friend who connects with me so well we both become inspired and happy. But because of lifestyle and routine consumption, we hardly ever communicate directly.  Many […]

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Facebook Currency: Good or Bad Idea?

June 18, 2019

written by dj sight How do you feel about Facebook money? Yup you read that right; Facebook is thinking about creating their own currency, something like bitcoin.

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RIT and AT&T Give Middle and High School Girls A Leg Up

June 7, 2019

written by dj sight Rochester Institute Of Technology (RIT) & AT&T have joined forces to create the region’s 1st computer coding program for middle and high school girls. It’s great to see opportunities given to young girls to get a head start on being successful in a male dominated career, and everyone knows the tech […]

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iTunes Says Goodbye After Nearly 20 Years

June 4, 2019

During a press conference on Monday, Apple announced that it would be discontinuing the beloved iTunes app and replacing it with Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. These updates will come with macOS Catalina update, the newest version of Apple’s most advanced desktop operating system.

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Self-Driving Tractor-Trailer? Slow Down!

May 24, 2019

written by tariq Over the past few years, a number of different companies have been testing out self driving vehicles. I do believe that they do serve a great purpose, especially for those that maybe under the influence, sleepy, or distracted with cell phones. Or maybe just don’t know how to drive, licenses or not. […]

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RIT Breaks Records During 2019 Commencement

May 14, 2019

Rochester Institute of Technology held its 2019 commencement ceremony at the Gordon Field House on Friday, May 10, 2019. This ceremony honored more than 4,200 students graduating at all degree levels – an all-time high!

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Samsung Introduces New Vertical TV With Millennials In Mind

April 30, 2019

Samsung’s newest groundbreaking design is turning heads… literally! The future of television is here with the Sero, a 43-inch TV with an integrated minimalist stand that pivots between horizontal and vertical orientations.

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Amazon Staff Listening In On Customers Through Alexa Devices

April 11, 2019

Bloomberg has reported that Amazon employees have been listening to customers on Alexa devices, according to claims made by seven former employees of Amazon’s voice review program.

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“Breathalyzer for Texting” Could Help Reduce Distracted Driving

March 19, 2019

New York is considering legalizing the use of a device that would allow police to test for cellphone use at the scene of a car crash, or to be used if distracted driving is suspected. The device is called the ‘Textalyzer’, named after the breathalyzer for its similar investigative purpose. Police would plug the device […]

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