Comedian Leslie Jones – “The Best Way To Conquer Pain Is Laughter”

What’s happens when comedians can’t be comedians? You have a world full of miserable, unhappy, and unkind people which is kind of what we have now i.e. President Trump. I thought it is a comedians job to make us laugh or maybe I’m the weirdo for wanting to laugh and enjoy life but comedian Leslie Jones …

Civil Rights Lawyer Sues The City Of Washington, D.C. For $1Billion

Civil Rights attorney Aristotle Theresa filed a lawsuit against the city of Washington, D.C. seeking $1 billion in damages for gentrification. The suit claims that the urban renewal policies and city housing have discriminated against some of city’s longstanding African-American residents forcing them out of neighborhoods.

Dating In 2018 Bood Up Or Screwed Up

DJ Sight always come across some interesting topics to talk about for Feedback Friday. So this week he found an Instagram post from Munirah Safiyah Jones @rahfiyah called “Dating in 2018 – How Men Communicate” which I thought was not only funny but very accurate.