Chicago Blues

(Photo by Chicago Police Department via Getty Images)

I’m so discouraged ya’ll.

Jussie Smollett was arrested this morning after new evidence proves he staged his own assault. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?

According to Chicago police, the January 29th attack on the Empire star was in fact a planned publicity stunt by the actor himself.

Smollett was apparently dissatisfied with his current salary and allegedly hired Brothers Abimbola Osundairo and Olabinjo Osundairo to carry out the racially charged and homophobic attack to gain media sympathy and a few extra coins…. really?? Smh.

After being held for 47 hours the brothers eventually confessed to the attack being staged and were released.

Chicago police were able to recover a check in the sum of $3,500 from the alleged suspects. There were also several records of communication between Smollett and the brothers up to an hour before the attack.

Smollett turned himself in to the Chicago police and now faces a felony charge of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report and a $100,000 bond.  I am so disappointed…

Jada, Jada, Jada…. Jada Kingdom that is!


If you don’t know this name it’s cool, don’t even trip. Let me to put you on real quick.

This 20-year-old singer/songwriter and model has been making waves in the reggae/dancehall scene since summer 2017. You may have seen her in Sean Kingston’s video for ‘One Away’, where she first blessed our screens with her natural, voluptuous shape and gained international attention… and she was only 17 years old!

Since then she’s been full steam ahead working on her visually stunning debut EP, ‘Wull On’. Each of the four singles on the EP were released separately with their own videos. These visual representations all unfold into a storyline of love found and lost.  Her debut video for ‘Love Situations’, made it crystal clear that Jada Kingdom was NOT to be played with, with over 3 million views and counting on YouTube. Continue reading “Jada, Jada, Jada…. Jada Kingdom that is!”

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