Cardi B Wins Federal Libel Lawsuit Against YouTuber Tasha K

January 26, 2022

On Monday, Cardi B won her multi-million dollar defamation trial against YouTuber Tasha K who intentionally built a “malicious campaign” to damage the mega superstar’s reputation. The verdict was shared after a two-week trial and decided that the verdict LaTasha Kebe was deemed liable for defamation, invasion of privacy through portrayal in a false light, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Cardi will receive $1 million in general damages and $250,000 in medical expenses.

Cardi B originally filed a lawsuit accusing Kebe of attempting to defame her with salacious YouTube videos back in 2019. She stated; “I felt extremely suicidal…Only an evil person could do that s**t.” Cardi B also reported she had developed fatigue, anxiety, weight loss, and migraines from the alleged lies.

Source: BET

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