Cardi B takes Instagram message to the next level

March 23, 2020

By now, plenty of people know that Cardi B went off on Instagram last Wednesday, March 11, about how people need to take the coronavirus more seriously. She bluntly told her millions of followers how she felt about everything from overseas retail shipping to the current administration’s response. Although what was later dubbed a rant only lasted approximately 46 seconds, it soon spread across the internet like wildfire.

DJ iMarkkeyz, a DJ and remixer from Brooklyn, received a request from his followers to create a remix, which he later dubbed the “Coronavirus Remix.” According to The New York Times, DJ iMarkkeyz said that he wanted people to enjoy the music and show Cardi how much people love her “just by being herself” and her impact on others.

A week later, the remix has spread around the world. It has become an iTunes chart-topper. It’s in the 96th position on the hip-hop/rap charts. As a result, a lot of money has flowed because of paid downloads. After a fan asked about donating royalties to food banks and shelters, DJ iMarkkeyz said that donating royalties was his intention all along and Cardi agreed that donations will occur when the royalties start to come in.

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