January 24, 2020

[Narrator’s Voice]
Recently on “Everythang Is Ridiculous”, child star and comedic actor Orlando Brown posted a video stating that he had received sexual favors from Nick Cannon.🤯
Anyone whose been following what’s been trending on WorldStarHipHop, TMZ etc. already know the shenanigans of Mr. Brown in our recent history. They’ve been viewed as him being somewhat out of his mind, so to speak. He seems to have had a mental breakdown. This latest news appears no different.
Usually in a situation like this, everyone is expecting an exciting and disrespectful response. This was not the case. In what was posted by @NickCannon via Instagram, there was the enlightenment of BTS reality. He responded with what he quoted as a “teachable moment”. The statement goes in on this as a “crucial example of when we allow our young artists to be prematurely exposed to this demonic business and left out to fend for themselves”. 📣Yeah, he went in THAT direction! Sending out a call and response to any solid individuals around him to embrace him and tighten him up.
There is plenty more on Nick’s page. I suggest you check it out!
Meanwhile, we’re Your Number One for Hip-Hop and R&B 1039 WDKX🎼

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