California Wild Fires

September 16, 2015

  Living in California comes with many advantages such as beautiful sights and many luxuries but falls short of perfect when involving the natural beauty of the state. The natural beauty struck a wrong cord with local residents in Middletown, CA, where a severe drought caused a massive wildfire to create destruction. Demolishing over 400 homes through California’s Lake County, the fire has brought many locals to tears. The destruction has resulted in one causality while the other 13,000 people were displaced. At 61,000 acres, it was only 5% contained late Monday. About 200 miles away, southeast of Sacramento, the Butte wildfire, about 30% contained, has destroyed about 80 homes and burned 71,000 acres. Beauty Kills. Many residents would say that they loved the way they lived and all the natural sights that came with it but what do they say now? When nature has turned the tables on them. According to USA Today, this is what one residential couple went through in the mist of the wildfire, Barloggi and her husband, Ken, were at a barbecue Saturday when the fire broke out. They rushed home to collect their puppy, Miss Belle, and Ken’s heart medication, but they found their evacuation blocked by downed power lines. Their single-family ranch home survived, perhaps helped by Ken’s decision to plow the fields around their house. “We got extremely lucky,” said Corie, 48. Unfortunately, many families experienced the opposite of Barloggi and her husband Ken as they had to gather their belongings in five minutes. Five minutes only gave the animal loving families enough time to only retrieve their pets. The images of the beautiful California sky are now filled with the daunting visuals of ash and lost achievements. To aid for the displaced residents the American Red Cross has opened two shelters in Calistoga, Calif., at the Napa Fairgrounds and a high school. California a state of beauty can also be a state of tears, hurt and lost achievements as Mother Nature take her role in the world.   Written By Sedria Thomas]]>

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