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California Elementary School To Be Renamed The Michelle Obama Elementary School

February 16, 2020

Our forever First Lady, Michelle Obama, will have a school named after her in California. The vote to name the school after our former First Lady, Michelle Obama, was unanimous. The decision to name the school after Michelle Obama was decided after the PTA requested a meeting between parents, students, and other members of the community. During this meeting, all members voted in favor of changing the school’s name to Michelle Obama’s.

Due to the unanimous vote to change the name, Wilson Elementary School in West Contra Costa Unified School District will be renamed the Michelle Obama Elementary School. The president of the board, Stephanie Hernandez Jarvis, made a statement saying that naming the school after Michelle Obama is a sign of rebirth. She also went on to say that Michelle Obama embodies the educational, child-centered causes she champions and that she is representative of what they aspire to nurture in their educational communities.

The members of the community voted on Michelle Obama’s name because she garners major influence and those who voted at the PTA meeting wanted to choose somebody on a global scale. Wilson Elementary School has over 400 students from grades K-6. It is said that the new school building will be constructed the following school year; it will sport the new name Michelle Obama Elementary School when it re-opens.

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