Buffalo & Syracuse City School Districts Recruiting Rochester Teachers Effected By Layoffs

December 6, 2019

Written by Jasmine

This week we learned about the mid-year staff cuts for the Rochester City School District. In order to tame a $30 million budget deficit, the district plans to layoff more than 150 RCSD employees.

According to the Rochester Teacher’s Association, layoffs will include 152 teachers, 32 non-teaching employees, 22 paraprofessionals and 12 administrators. With word of this news however, both the Buffalo and Syracuse City School Districts say they are actively recruiting Rochester teachers effected by these layoffs.

SCSD has been working directly with the Rochester Teacher’s Association in their recruitment efforts and BCSD will be offering a number of positions at their “Rochester Recruitment Event” on December 17th.

The question still remains though, what will happen to our students who will be the most effected by these mid year cuts?

RTA President Adam Urbanski believes the cuts should be postponed until the end of the year for a smoother transition. He states, “these cuts will make class sizes larger, eliminate programs, and hurt relationships at the midway point of the school year.”

However, Superintendent Terry Dade does not want to wait until next year to see if the district has, yet again, overspent by millions. We will soon see how the district holds up with these new changes.