Buffalo Police Lieutenant Suspended

July 1, 2020

At this point, police officers across New York State may need to have some sort of training update. There is a new law called the New Yorkers Right To Monitor Act. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the law into legislation on June 14, 2020. Citizens have the right to use their phones to record law enforcement activity and keep the recording.

In Rochester, a man was arrested in front of his home because he was filming RPD officers. They were making an arrest of another man outside of the man recordings home. Charges were dropped against the man recording in less than 24 hours by RPD. Then this next situation in Buffalo, NY.

Buffalo Police Lieutenant Mike Delong was suspended after a woman posted a video on Facebook of her interaction with the officer. The video went viral making it to TMZ. In the video, the lieutenant walks up to the woman recording officers and says “we have cameras too.”

The woman asks the lieutenant “can you get away from me,” he tells her “no.” From there it goes left and the lieutenant begins to use vulgar language calling the woman names.

Citizens have the right legally to record any law enforcement activity in New York State. Maybe officers know and don’t care or they don’t know and need an update on training. Either way, something clearly needs to be done.

To see the entire video via TMZ click here


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