Black Supporter of the Confederate Flag Killed In Car Accident

Black Supporter of the Confederate Flag Killed In Car Accident

Anthony Hervey, a black male who was a popular and well-known supporter of the confederate flag was killed in a motor vehicle accident on Sunday.

The Mississippi Highway patrol is investigating the car wreck.

Hervey, 49, was in the Ford Explorer with Arlene Barnum, 60, of Stuart, Okla when the car went off the road and flipped over.

The crash was directly after their departure from the pro-Confederate flag event in Birmingham, Ala.

Hervey, author of “Why I Wave the Confederate Flag, Written by a Black Man, has drawn attention everywhere for his efforts to preserve the confederate flag. He was often seen and pictured wearing the flag or waving it on the Oxford Square.

The surviving passenger, Mrs. Barnum said the accident occurred after Mr. Hervey swerved to avoid another vehicle that had pulled alongside them. The other car, she said, first pulled up on the driver’s side. Mr. Hervey yelled something to the passengers in the other car, she said and then “sped up to get away.”

The car then drove around to the passenger side of the Ford Explorer, Mrs. Barnum said, and the S.U.V. veered into a ditch on the opposite side of the road. When Mr. Hervey steered the Explorer back up on the road, the S.U.V. began spinning and rolled over multiple times before landing on the highway’s right side.

When Barnum tried to talk to Hervey, both fastened with seatbelts, she said he did not respond after the car was done flipping.

After being transported to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, she learned Mr. Hervey had died. Mrs. Barnum suffered cuts and a fractured left foot.

Both Hervey and Barnum had relatives who were Confederate soldiers. She stated, ““I don’t like it when black people attack me on this,” she said. “I think it’s an attack on my Southern heritage.”


written by: Sedria Thomas

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