Beauties Beware!!

December 8, 2016


A recently released study has found that many Black beauty products are likely to have harmful chemicals!

The study by the Environmental Working Group analyzed over 1100 beauty products (shampoo, soap, perfume, makeup, etc.). During theewg_bwc_numberhighlights1 study they found that 1 in 12 beauty products for [marketed] Black women have hazardous chemicals.

In a 42 billion dollar industry, Black people spend about 9.24 billion dollars a year for personal care products. Black women buy and use beauty products more on average per capita which makes Black women more susceptible to toxic products.

Many of these toxic chemicals have been linked to causing, “cancer, hormone disruption, developmental and reproductive damage, allergies and other adverse health effects,”.

ewg_bwc_numberhighlights02But the worst of the worst are the relaxers, hair coloring, and bleaching products. Its scary to think that products we use every day can be so harmful. Even lipsticks, concealers, foundations, and sun-protective makeup all had medium to high toxicity.




Thank god the numbers of purchases relaxers and hair coloring has gone down since more women are embracing their natural hair, which is decreasing the risk of harm. Sales of hair perms and relaxers has decreased by 40% in the last seven years. Natural hair products now comprise of 35% of the Black hair care market.

While natural products are way more safe than relaxers they do still contain harmful ingredients. Many studies have found that Black women using hair and skin products [commonly used by Black women] have unusual estrogenic activity or high levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in their urine. ewg_sd_bwcosmetics_c02
Green = low potential hazard.

Yellow = moderate potential hazard.

Red= high potential hazard


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