Bare Shelves And Panic Not Necessary, Take A Moment To Think

March 13, 2020

At times we can be our own worst enemies. We are not taking a moment to think or listening to the experts, instead we are panicking. I get that this COVID-19 is a very real and very scary experience. When we panic, however, we put our lives and the lives of others at risk.

Thursday has been a very stressful day and a lot changed in a short time with the Coronavirus outbreak in New York State and across the country. To add to the stress people went out and stockpiled food, hand sanitizer, water, disinfectant wipes, and toilet paper. I’m still trying to figure out why toilet paper and hand sanitizer when you can just use soap and water. It’s really that simple – SOAP AND WATER will keep you the safest. Just wash your hands and ass which is practicing good hygiene.

Monroe County is at low risk but as precautions were implemented and/or suggested Thursday people decided to rush the grocery stores. Events have been canceled which is a normal measure when you have a highly contagious virus or disease. It is for our protection first and foremost and it is to slow the curve of the virus so that it doesn’t place a strain on our health care system.

To argue over canned soup at this time is a bit much. Check you emails Wegmans, Walmart, and most stores sent information on restocking items to calm worries. To hoard food, water, sanitizer, or anything right now for greed or profit shows lack of compassion and ignorance. Please educate yourself. We all have do our part to keep everyone around us SAFE.

Took all the good pasta and left the healthy whole wheat pasta… Interesting, y’all are being choosy in a pandemic.

I really hope people do not let the excessive food they bought go to waste, seriously.

Now to the current administration, you have failed Americans PERIOD. We are supposed to be the greatest country and have the best health care system but the lack of testing and response to the COVID-19 is disappointing.



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