Students Evacuated From Pittsford Mendon High School Following Bomb Threat

January 13, 2020

It has been confirmed by the superintendent of Mendon High School that a note was found on the floor by a staff member, this morning, of a bomb threat. Monroe County sheriff’s deputies are searching through the school after moving all students safely to The Church of Transfiguration. The district is asking parents to refrain […]

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Ways To Save That Money! (College Edition)

January 18, 2020

Need a new laptop, microwave, TV or even Keurig for your dorm this semester? Use the unique coupon codes at Best Buy with the service called ‘College Student Deals’. Just show them your student ID and save money! Look into free tuition reimbursement programs through your employer and see if you qualify if offered! Employers […]

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RCSD Expo and Fair

January 11, 2020

Today the Jam Squad was able to attend the RCSD Expo and Fair at Wilson Foundation on 200 Genesee St.! Filled with happy faces and schools from across the district, parents were able to register their kids into Rochester City School District schools. From Pre-K to 12th grade, all you had to do was walk […]

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NikkieTutorials “I’m Coming Out.”

January 16, 2020

The YouTube star NikkieTutorials has come out as transgender after a little over 10 years of her successful career on YouTube. Nikkie started her transition at just 14 years old and started her YouTube channel at this age as well in 2008. She fully transitioned at 19 years old and says she has been living […]

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January 8, 2020

Listen to the following songs below and rate them from 1-5!!! A rating of 1 would mean you do not like the song ? A rating of 5 would mean that you love it !!!!??? 

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November 27, 2019

Listen to the following songs below and rate them from 1-5!!! A rating of 1 would mean you do not like the song ? A rating of 5 would mean that you love it !!!!???  Once you are finished listening to the songs below?… TEXT OUR TEXT LINE AT  (585) 678-1039 TO SEND US YOUR […]

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Win a FORTNITE $25 V-Bucks Card!

January 2, 2020

Tune into the WDKX Wake-Up Club for your chance to win a $25 V-Bucks Card! Listen out for the FortNite sound effect from the FortNite theme song and be the 46th caller! The Wake-Up Club will be giving away one virtual currency card every hour so, tune in and be the 46th caller for your […]

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No More Plastic Bags Offered at Wegmans in Late January

January 7, 2020

As of March 1rst the statewide plastic bag ban will be in effect and Wegmans is getting a head start. This supermarket chain will stop offering plastic grocery bags starting January 27th, 2020. There is an urge for all customers to switch to re-usable bags for their groceries. If you do not own many or […]

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August 17, 2019

This years 50th Annual Puerto Rican Festival was definitely one for the books!!!! -as always!! This parade was such a positive and fun event for everyone!! It went well rain or shine and the environment was filled with culture from Liberty Pole all the way to down Frontier Field. It definitely felt like a little […]

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The Police Officer, Manny Ortiz, Inspired Kids

November 23, 2019

The now former police officer, Manny Ortiz, whom died in the tragic accident on Empire Boulevard just a few weeks ago is still receiving beloved letters from Rochester youth. Here is a copy of a letter sent by a young lady, Arianna B., who shared just how amazing of a police officer Ortiz was, how […]

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