Attorney Speaks Out About Human Vaccine Trials in Rochester, NY [VIDEO]

May 21, 2020

From 1945 – 1947 Strong Memorial Hospital at the University of Rochester injected 11 unwitting patients with plutonium as part of “The Manhattan Project”, which studied the effects of radiation.

The researchers tracked the patients for the rest of their lives and studied their bodies when they died. Most of the “human products” died before they ever knew what happened to them.

In Spring 2020 URMC once again became the testing site for another human trial for a Covid19 vaccine. Rochester General is currently recruiting 90 local residents to be the first to be injected with this messenger RNA vaccine.

New York Attorney Al Parisi of Parisi & Bellavia shares his concerns about Rochester being used as a petri dish for human experiments.

He shares his legal perspective on Instagram Live at 5pm with @JazzyTOnAir


1. Working class people will be used to clean up the virus without any regard for health & safety.
2. Possible conflict of interest for the head of the Chamber of Commerce to decide is its safe for Rochester to go back to work.
3. Will Covid19 vaccines become mandatory for students and employees?
4. What legal rights do we have to protect ourselves if asked to go to court or back to work with a weakened immune system.