Arizona Points Gun At Black Man When Searching For White Suspect

September 15, 2020

As the protests continues for the for the firing of the police officers in Rochester connected to the death of Daniel Prude I’m seeing another problem that nobody is talking about which is the police unions.

I came across another story out in Arizona where a Tempe police officer is under investigation, after pulling a gun on two Black men while searching for a white suspect outside of a hotel back in August.
The body camera of police officer identified as Ronald Kerzaya, shows the employee at the hotel gives him a clear description of a white male with a gun wearing a red shirt.
When the Ronald Kerzaya searches for the suspect he comes across 2 different Black men neither wearing any of the clothing in the suspects description and the men also worked at the hotel and still pointed a gun in their faces.
Last year, this officer was under investigation after tasing a black man holding a baby.
This officer is still on the force after these incidents, when we look at the police officer in George Floyd case that former police officer had 18 different complaints before he killed George Floyd.
I think the police unions should also be held accountable because they’re the main reason these officers are keeping their jobs.
I don’t care how many elected officials resign after these incidents; I think as long as the police unions continue to operate, this will continue to happen.

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