Area Robberies, Bail Reform, And Parolees Should We Be Concerned?

February 21, 2020

Rochester police arrested four suspects in the armed robbery of the Red Apple Kwik Fill store on Culver Road. The incident took place Wednesday night along with another armed robbery on Culver road a couple of hours after. Police are not sure if there is any connection in the two robberies. They are still investigating.

The charges for the four arrested are first and second-degree robbery plus fourth-degree grand larceny. The topic that will be brought up is three of the men were on parole when they were arrested according to 13Wham News. There has been a lot of talk about bail reform and how it will negatively impact the community in this political season but what about parolees?

The reason I’m asking is lately there has been an up tick in robberies in Rochester and surrounding areas. Some are reported but there are ones that go unreported. A couple of people I know that live in different areas through the county were robbed. The burglaries were either their apartment, home, or car. Unfortunately, one person did not report the crime for fear of retaliation because of the neighborhood.

If you have a story you’d like to share for Feedback Friday call 222-1039 or text 678-1039. You can share your situation anonymously as well.

Please be safe. Make sure you are locking your doors and report any suspicious people in your neighborhood. Single women living alone check in with a trusted friend or family member so they know you are safe when go out and come back home. Always be alert and check your surroundings. If you are home keep your phone by you in case someone breaks in while you’re home.

Never enter your home if you see or hear someone inside when you arrive, please call 911.



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