Apple Producing An Affordable iPhone

January 22, 2020

Full disclosure, I have an iPhone. But I’ve tried other phones only because the iPhone price has gotten out of control. What ends up happening? I go right back to iPhone. 

I have to say it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. But I do  have an wondering eye when it comes to new models of android phones that I’ve been on the market the last year and a half. 

I think Apple understanding why and how many people are moving over to android phones. Which is why it makes sense that iPhone is now going to a cheaper version of their iPhone and putting him in mass production in February. It will look like the iPhone 8 and lower-cost iPhone model like the iPhone SE.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new iPhones and what they can do. They perform like computers in your hands. But is it really worth $1000 can a $400 phone or even a $200 phone be able to do 80% of what $1000 phone can do?

We’ll find out when the new Cheaper iPhone is unveiled early March. 

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