Interested in advertising on-air or online? We offer a variety of advertising options. Learn how you can be a part of our on-air promotions, web promotions, sponsorships, and remote broadcasts!


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What a lot of our current advertisers don’t know is that they’re missing out on an opportunity to take their advertising to new heights. By placing banner ads on our website, you can double the impact of your marketing.

With the use of parallel digital and radio campaigns, you can reach listeners through the airwaves and through the net. By using multiple platforms, you make it easier for potential customers to patronize your business.



The way a banner ad works is different. It acts as a complement to your radio advertisement. A radio listener logs onto our website to follow up on the latest news, to get more information about our music, or to interact with our stellar radio personalities. While they do this, they see your banner ad.


Advertise your brand/company during our podcast shows! Typically, our podcast hostss will endorse your brand with a live read 60-second audio ad during the beginning, middle or end of their show.

The audio ad contains information about your product/service, any personal experiences the host has with your product, where listeners can order, coupon codes, and more. Podcast advertising is seeing some of the highest ROI in the digital advertising industry and is growing quickly.