Abbott’s Continues to Expand!

May 12, 2022

A local Rochester favorite is entering its 120th year in business and to celebrate, they are expanding their business! Abbott’s Frozen Custard already has 37 locations, 24 of which are in the Rochester area, and the rest being in six other states; Florida, Massachusetts, Virginia, Louisiana, and the Carolinas. Over the next year, Abbott plans to expand at least seven new locations in the next year and a firm in Texas has committed to building 100 locations in the coming years.

Brenden Drew, vice president of business development, stated: “It’s a Rochester brand and it always will be…We’ve had a lot of Rochesterians leave Rochester and then call us and say, ‘Can we bring Abbott’s to our hometown now? We grew up on it, it’s where we met, we went on our first date, it’s where we went after school and after ballgames, and now we’re living in fill-in-the-blank Florida or Texas and we’d love to bring Abbott’s, something we know and love from our hometown and our childhood to this new area.”

Source: 13 WHAM