Communities Mourn ‘The End Of Twitter’

November 21, 2022

While it’s not gone (yet?), many have started tweeting trending hashtags, like #RIPTwitter and #TwitterDown, which have signaled a virtual wake for the social media site as if it were already dead. The start of this trend all began with Elon Musk’s purchase/takeover. With the firings of multiple employees, ultimatums, and the return of Trump’s Twitter account, the top five Twitter trends in the US are all related to what people see as the inevitable end of the site as they know it.

Donyale Padgett, a communications professor at Wayne State University, is honoring Black Twitter now that she thinks it’s at risk. Padgett stated: “I have relied on Black Twitter for so much. It has been a place of refuge. It has been a place of humor. It is a record of something profound that has happened. That is where you want to go to really follow and track the conversation.”

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Source: NPR

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