May 13, 2019

Did you know that your dog could actually develop a heart condition from eating grain-free dog food?

Neither did I, but that’s what we learned at our last appointment with my dogs Veterinarian. 

My oldest dog China, a 14 year old chihuahua, was going through her routine check up when the doctor noticed she had developed a heart murmur. He explained what it was (a disruption in blood flow) and what my options are as well as what signs to watch out for if the murmur worsened or China were to go into heart failure.

What was disturbing was when I happened to mention that I was switching their dog food from a brand that was grain-free to another brand the doctor said to make sure the food was NOT grain free. He said that there is a possible connection between grain free dog food and heart disease.

The FDA is investigating a potential connection between grain-free dog food diets and canine heart disease. There are some dog breeds that are more prone to this issue, the list of those breeds and more information on this investigation can read in depth by clicking FDA Investigation Canine Diet & Heart Disease.

Bottom line if your dog does not have any allergies then stay away from grain-free dog foods.

If you have to switch your dogs food then make sure you transition your dogs food gradually to avoid stomach and digestive issues. A rule of thumb switch the food over a 7 day period.

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