2 Rush Henrietta Elementary Students Test Positive For COVID-19

September 14, 2020

By September 14th everyone in Monroe County should be back in school now. Most parents still fear for the safety of their children returning back to in person learning during this Coronavirus pandemic.

In Rush Henrietta, two students at two different schools has been diagnosed with COVID-19 during this first week of school.
Both students immediately went into quarantine, the schools the students attended are Crane Elementary and Vollmer Elementary.
As of now those are the only two students that are confirmed with positive cases of  COVID-19 at both schools.
Public Health officials don’t think any other students are at risk due to the social distance in guidelines in place at the schools.
Time will tell if any other students were infected with the virus, this is how the virus spreads because there’s no telling where those kids caught it from and if they passed it along to the parents or siblings.
So far Henrietta is the only district with confirmed positive COVID-19 cases since the return of some schools in Monroe County.

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