12 Year Old Tries To Shoot Teacher With A Gun But The Safety Was On

This story out of Iowa is scary.

A student at North Scott Junior High School in Eldridge, Iowa walked in the classroom to kill his teacher but thank God his plan failed. 

The 12 year old ordered all the kids in the classroom to get down on the floor and then he walked up and pointed the gun at the teacher aiming at her face. When the boy pulled the trigger the gun didn’t fire because the safety was on.

The teacher immediately took the boy down with another staff member and got the gun away from him. No one was injured.

There was one bullet in the chamber of the .22 caliber gun.

The 12 year old was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center where he faces attempted murder charges. A judge will decide is he should be tried as an adult.

No word yet on the reason the boy tried to shoot the teacher.

Source: BBC News