12 Year Old Returns Home From School Field Trip With Rope Burns Around Her Neck



Twelve year old girl comes home from an overnight school field trip with serious rope burns on her neck.  I personally find it hard to believe that this was an accident and I will explain why. 

First of all why wasn’t the mother of this child informed immediately after the incident took place? I don’t know the protocol in Waco, Texas but there was an injury and you would think no matter the time on day someone from the school should of notified the mother of the sixth grader.

The 12-year old girl is only one of four black children out of 216 students that attend this $7000 a year Christian private school in Texas. Her mother Sandy Rougely said she was not made aware of the incident and her child’s injuries until her daughter came home.

The spokesperson for the school Live Oak, said the student witnesses and teachers all were interviewed independently saying the incident was an accident and all other accusations by the family were false.

I find that hard to believe plus it’s kind of odd the school conducted the “interviews” but cannot explain why they did not inform Ms. Rougely.

The school’s dean Allison Buras emailed Ms. Rougely the next day after the trip saying “Did you take her to the doctor? How is she? We were glad to have a doctor on our trip who could check her out or we also might have felt a need to take her in. I remember getting rope burns as a child and they are not fun! I hope she is doing OK,”….


Again this took place in Texas and the 12 year old girl is only 1 of 4 black students at this $7000 a year school…

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