This is a Historical First

Congrats to Fatimat Reid the first black female elected  to Family Court,  ohh and also broke the glass ceiling to be the first black female to be elected higher than city court.  Now for those of you saying I am just  getting old and can’t remember stuff or smoking something you would be right on just one point.

This is why Just Law is needed, not just for kids but for you to find out how the system words and how changes can be achieved.  The power resides in you.  So thank you for doing your civic duty and showing the power of a vote.

Reid edged out Republican Nicole Bayly by about 830 votes. Bayly conceded the race Tuesday evening.  Today at 1:26 PM.

Democrat candidate Fatimat Reid has won the race.

First under 4 min. mile (google it now)…first under 9 sec 100 meter (just say Bolt) now and the County court ceiling has been broken say Judge Reid now!!

ps.  Judge Charles Willis first black male 1979 to crack ceiling – reason I know good friend of my dad with a great sense of humor.