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School Year Style Advice from Brittany

One thing that most teenagers stress about right before school starts is their appearance. Some want to try something new, some stick to what they know, and some just don’t seem to care. As we all know, there are a bunch of trends from shirt dresses to cropped pants. Does that mean that we have to follow them to be accepted? Not at all. BE DIFFERENT! Be the one to set the trends and not the one to follow them.

I recently had a hair dilemma, I just couldn’t decide what to do! I was torn between the normal me–straight hair but I was willing to try a new color– or do something I would consider extreme and get box braids. After a long discussion with myself, and a few suggestions from others I decided to get the braids. Why? Because it is always good to try something new. I did not want to start of senior year (shout out to the Class of 2016) like I started every other school year. The best advice I can give, from experience, is to try new things! Do not limit yourself because then you’ll never know what you are really capable of (in wardrobe and in life period.) Who’s to say you wont like the new hair or a new style?

I challenge you to make a statement this school year! Don’t be afraid to try something different, sometimes change is good. Try that cute jean dress, or the bright pink lipstick color. Gents, try the nice button up on a “regular day”, or maybe even the boat shoes you would never wear! Who wants to be predictable? Do something nobody would ever expect you to do.

Most of all, have a great school year! Keep in mind that education is truly key and no matter how hard that class is, it will get you far later down the line. Looks are not everything, go to school in sweats if you have to, just make sure you go and have an awesome, productive year.