Janet Jackson Actual First Child Speaks Out




Almost a month ago Janet left all her fans disappointed when she announced the cancellation of her 2016 tour dates. The “Pleasure Principle” singer decided to put family before her career, and opted for reproducing rather than performing.

Conveniently, Ms. Jackson recently revealed that she was pregnant with her “first” child by current billionaire bae Wissam Al Mana. However, now we are being told that Baby Al Mana may actually be Janet’s second child.

Janet’s ex-husband, James Debarge, has revealed that Janet birthed their first child back in the mid 80’s when they were teenagers, but kept it so discreet that not even he knew. Apparently the baby girl was put up for adoption, and Jackson carried on with her life.

The estranged daughter contacted Debarge after hearing about this alleged “first” child that Janet is now having, and felt like she should be a secret no longer. How convenient. She explained circumstances and events that only Debarge and Jackson knew of, which convinced Debarge of the authenticity of this allegation.

Well only time will tell how true this revelation is, but I will not be surprised if this young lady is Janet’s child.

Racqui B