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Kylie Jenner Has Moved On From Tyga




It seems like Kylie Jenner loves getting involved in messy love triangles, squares, octagons, situations; or maybe Hollywood is just that small.  Well I say that to say this: you may or may not know that Kylie has recently broken things off with boyfriend Tyga.  I guess the drama was getting too close to home with ChyRo now being pregnant.

Now, it’s being reported that Kylie may be dating long time buddy and OVO artist,  Party Next Door (PND).  If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because this is the same PND that R&B songstress Kehlani was found creeping with earlier this year while dating Cleveland Cavalier, Kyrie Irving.  Status on that situation has yet to be updated, but PND has obviously moved passed it.

Well apparently the new couple met a few years ago when Kylie starred in one of PND’s music videos, and remained friends.  Drake actually taunted Tyga with a picture of Kylie on set of PND’s video while him (Drake) and Tyga were beefing.  Do you see how messy this is now?   It’s getting harder to keep to keep up with this Kardashian.

Racqui B.

Shots Fired

In the past couple weeks Tyga’s baby mom, Blac Chyna and his new underage girlfriend Kylie Jenner both have been throwing shade back and forth over social media. The main reason for the beef between the two is because the middleman, Tyga, who is trying to remain in both women’s lives.

In recent Instagram posts, Blac Chyna has thrown shade towards Kylie Jenner by uploading pictures which insult the 17 year old TV star. Blac Chyna uploaded a picture of her laying on the bed with the caption “Permanently” in retaliation to Kylie’s picture in which captioned “Currently.” She also posted screenshots of Tyga confessing that he wanted to become a family again and that he wanted to fix their relationship.

Blac Chyna is being viewed as the bully because she is verbally attacking a 17 year old while she is 26 years old. On the other hand, there is speculation that Kylie is trying to get under Blac Chyna’s skin by getting closer to her son, King. It was proposed that Kylie was training King to say “I Love you, Kylie” by feeding him candy each time he said it. Tyga on the other hand has been defending his love for his underage girlfriend disregarding the screenshots in which his ex-fiancé posted. He has shown his love for his new girlfriend by tatting “Kylie” in a heart on his left arm.

The back and forth confrontations have gotten under Blac Chyna’s skin and in recent posts she has been addressing the phrase “four months.” Kylie’s 18th birthday is 4 months away. We just hope that this does not lead to a celebrity brawl. Do you think this has gone too far? Is enough, enough?


– Sedria