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House Of Cards Season 5 Trailer (Video)

If you have been waiting at least trying to wait patiently for the new season of House of Cards like I have you should find some comfort in the new trailer Netflix released this week.

It’s not as scary as our current reality but it looks like it will be another fantastic season. President Francis J. Underwood isn’t half as terrifying as President Donald J. Trump.

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Luke Cage Trailer Review

If you’re not into the Super Hero Movies and TV Show that are trending right now, I understand. But if you’re a Netflix subscriber, I would ask you to watch the 2:45 minute trailer for the New Marvel live action series “Luke Cage” about a street-fighting ex-con who battles crime on the streets of New York.

After watch that trailers, don’t you wish Luke Cage was in your city? Busting up Drug Houses, Fighting Back Against Gangs and Sticking Up for People? In cities across this nation, gun violence continues to be a crisis, claiming far too many lives for far too long. Leaving communities and police wishing Luke Cage was real too. Well the reality is, he’s not. In a way we have to be “Luke Cage” or some part his spirit to fight back . Stay away from Guns and/or Drugs and be Bulletproof to the Bull$&!^ around it. Opps, Got off track for minute.

Luke Cage will on Netflix Friday September 30th, I don’t know about you, but I’m setting up for s Binge Watching Weekend.

- Raymond Reid