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Update: Judge Orders 30 Year-Old Man To Move Out Of Parents Home

A 30 year-old Syracuse man refused to leave his parents home after they told him he needs to find his own place to live. So they took him to court and won.

Michael Rotondo was ordered to move out by State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood Tuesday.


So Rotondo has a son that he had with a woman he barely knew while he was living in his own apartment and lost custody of the child….

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Autistic Teen From Syracuse Attacked By 57 Year Old Man In Rochester

Chase T. Coleman
Chase T. Coleman

**UPDATE: **

Warrant was not denied as stated in new article. The warrant was not issued because of the incomplete report filed by RPD. Report stated victim was non-verbal without witness account of incident. The RPD needed to have a witness statement in order for the judge to approve the warrant for the 57 year old mans arrest. 

This story of the autistic 15 year old, Chase T. Coleman, who was attacked by a 57 year old man while running in a race for his school at Cobbs Hill is sad and disturbing.

The teen who is autistic was assaulted (for being black) has quit his track team as a result of the incident and the 57 year old man has not been arrested and is not facing charges.

Now how in the hell does that happen??

What is even more disheartening is the fact that the 57 year old got out of his car to yell and assault the teen because he thought the teenager was going “mug” his wife who was in the car with him.

Isn’t this racial profiling?? And isn’t this same “thought” process that led up to the death of Trayvon Martin?

This is when we utilize our local politicians. We need answers and some understanding of why the 57 year old man who admitted to assaulting the teen has yet to be arrested.

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Syracuse Kisses the ‘Kiss Cam’ Goodbye

Syracuse University Retires the Kiss Cam

It’s been a tradition in a lot of sport arenas and stadiums. The kiss cam has become a norm in the industry of sporting events today. The camera scans the crowd as a love song comes on while they find a couple to share their kiss on the big screen.

The question is it cute or awkward?

Kiss Cam.jpg

The Orange men of Syracuse have put an end to the tradition that has spanned decades in the recent week. A recent Syracuse University football game kiss cam sparked the administration to eventually ban the camera all together.

A Manlius resident reported that the behavior associated with the kiss cam came off as disturbing and downgrading.

“The crowd was cheering and I instantly felt sick to my stomach. I mean it wasn’t a guess, it wasn’t a second thought, it instantly felt awful,” said Steve Port.

During the SU vs. Wake Forest game, Port said the camera closed in on students who were obviously not couples. He stated that once on camera it seemed that the male forced the female to kiss him as the crowd cheered on.

After the game, Port proceeded to write a letter discouraging the kiss cam. He sent it to the athletic officials and since then the kiss cam has been retired for now.

Port has many great ideas in why there should be a discussion about who they narrow in on and who they don’t because it causes a very awkward situation.

In a college setting where sexual assault is continuingly rising, kiss cams don’t help but display the reality of it with students who are forced to kiss.

A student stated that if the kiss cam does come back then their need to be a discussion among all parties to make it comfortable for all.

So for now Syracuse University has said goodbye to their traditional kiss cam.


Written by Sedria Thomas