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California Wild Fires



Living in California comes with many advantages such as beautiful sights and many luxuries but falls short of perfect when involving the natural beauty of the state.

The natural beauty struck a wrong cord with local residents in Middletown, CA, where a severe drought caused a massive wildfire to create destruction. Demolishing over 400 homes through California’s Lake County, the fire has brought many locals to tears.

The destruction has resulted in one causality while the other 13,000 people were displaced. At 61,000 acres, it was only 5% contained late Monday. About 200 miles away, southeast of Sacramento, the Butte wildfire, about 30% contained, has destroyed about 80 homes and burned 71,000 acres.

Beauty Kills.

Many residents would say that they loved the way they lived and all the natural sights that came with it but what do they say now? When nature has turned the tables on them.

According to USA Today, this is what one residential couple went through in the mist of the wildfire,

Barloggi and her husband, Ken, were at a barbecue Saturday when the fire broke out. They rushed home to collect their puppy, Miss Belle, and Ken’s heart medication, but they found their evacuation blocked by downed power lines.

Their single-family ranch home survived, perhaps helped by Ken’s decision to plow the fields around their house. “We got extremely lucky,” said Corie, 48.

Unfortunately, many families experienced the opposite of Barloggi and her husband Ken as they had to gather their belongings in five minutes. Five minutes only gave the animal loving families enough time to only retrieve their pets.

The images of the beautiful California sky are now filled with the daunting visuals of ash and lost achievements.

To aid for the displaced residents the American Red Cross has opened two shelters in Calistoga, Calif., at the Napa Fairgrounds and a high school.

California a state of beauty can also be a state of tears, hurt and lost achievements as Mother Nature take her role in the world.


Written By Sedria Thomas

College Foot Sniffer


Who would think that a foot fetish would lead to an article in the news? But for a Florida University it has caused extreme caution in their libraries.

A man in his late 40s or early 50s has been spotted around the Florida International University Library multiple times sniffing the feet of female students.

According to many witnesses, the man will crawl under desks and lay there taking a sniff of feet. One witness stated, ““That is extremely bizarre. I don’t understand why someone would want to do that.”

The FIU police reported that the foot fetish suspect was acting suspiciously back on Saturday, August 29th. They have multiple phots of the suspect and hope that these images will bring him closer to an arrest.

The suspect is around 200 pounds and stands about 6 feet tall. He is bald with short gray hair and has a goatee. The last vehicle he was see driving was a scooter.

There were no reported injuries in the incident. A violation of privacy is what concerns many students at the institution. Students say that this incident will not keep them from the library but more cautious about their surroundings and what might be under the desks.

In general, college is a suspicious place where all ages and different backgrounds all come under one institution and you never know what can happen.

This is not only a local problem in Florida but a nationwide issue that needs to transition into a social problem. A social problem that demonstrates how educational institutions are becoming more unsafe every day.

Take this incident in Florida and apply it to the needs of security.

Where was the security of the campus? How does this incident look to High School seniors who hope to enroll in college?

Every day there is a new issue associated with safety issues on campus. Issues include but are not limited to, sexual assault, domestic assault, suicide, breaches in security, and etc. There has to be a nationwide plan to make college campuses safer and it will take the students, alumni, and society in all to fix this timeless issue.

Written By Sedria Thomas

Back to College

As the month of July dwindles down the month of August is coming into focus. What does that mean for individuals ages 17 and up? College classes are soon to begin.

Whether you’re going into your first year of college or merely returning, college brings about many emotions of Americans today.


  •  There are many job opportunities that schoolS offers such as employment work study
  • Work study is a financial aid program and in accordance to the amount of aid you receive the school will allow you to make a certain amount of “X” dollars to pocket or help pay for your school
    •  Ex: Gym Attendant, Library Worker, Mail Sorter, Desk Assistant and etc.
  • FIRST YEAR STUDENT: *Hint Hint* Graduation parties bring in a lot of money so you can buy everything you need for school
  •  Make as much as you can in the summer, WORK, WORK, WORK


  • Before you go to school, make sure everything is A OK with your housing assignment
  • Talk to your roommate via email or Facebook


  • Your schedule should be made but check out your school academic calendar for class drop dates and withdrawals
  •  Shop for your books before you get to school and you are left in class with no books


  • Don’t worry. Go in being yourself and they will come
  • Arrange room decisions and split room expenses *SAVES MONEY*
    • Ex: Professors, Counselors, Advisors, R.A., and etc.

College is full of experiences, it is up to you to live it up and work hard to become who you truly want to be. The countdown starts NOW!

Black Supporter of the Confederate Flag Killed In Car Accident

Black Supporter of the Confederate Flag Killed In Car Accident

Anthony Hervey, a black male who was a popular and well-known supporter of the confederate flag was killed in a motor vehicle accident on Sunday.

The Mississippi Highway patrol is investigating the car wreck.

Hervey, 49, was in the Ford Explorer with Arlene Barnum, 60, of Stuart, Okla when the car went off the road and flipped over.

The crash was directly after their departure from the pro-Confederate flag event in Birmingham, Ala.

Hervey, author of “Why I Wave the Confederate Flag, Written by a Black Man, has drawn attention everywhere for his efforts to preserve the confederate flag. He was often seen and pictured wearing the flag or waving it on the Oxford Square.

The surviving passenger, Mrs. Barnum said the accident occurred after Mr. Hervey swerved to avoid another vehicle that had pulled alongside them. The other car, she said, first pulled up on the driver’s side. Mr. Hervey yelled something to the passengers in the other car, she said and then “sped up to get away.”

The car then drove around to the passenger side of the Ford Explorer, Mrs. Barnum said, and the S.U.V. veered into a ditch on the opposite side of the road. When Mr. Hervey steered the Explorer back up on the road, the S.U.V. began spinning and rolled over multiple times before landing on the highway’s right side.

When Barnum tried to talk to Hervey, both fastened with seatbelts, she said he did not respond after the car was done flipping.

After being transported to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, she learned Mr. Hervey had died. Mrs. Barnum suffered cuts and a fractured left foot.

Both Hervey and Barnum had relatives who were Confederate soldiers. She stated, ““I don’t like it when black people attack me on this,” she said. “I think it’s an attack on my Southern heritage.”


written by: Sedria Thomas

Stepfather Shoots Stepdaughter’s Boyfriend in the Face

Stepfather Shoots Stepdaughter’s Boyfriend in the Face

Ever been scared to meet the parents of your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Afraid that they are going to be mean or rude when they first meet you. They may have one of those sit down talks or they might just be completely loud and real with you.

In all, meeting parents is an important step in a relationship yet it is the scariest moment. It can either make or break the relationship.

If your parents do not like your boyfriend or girlfriend, that is asking for problems in the present and future.

Well for one Florida teenager his worst nightmare came true when he had to meet the stepfather of his girlfriend.

Allegedly a man is sitting in jail because he shot his stepdaughters’ boyfriend on the account that he did not like him.

Alvin Knight, 50, was arrested, charged with aggravated battery with a firearm and taken to the Orange County Jail following the shocking incident.

According to police statement the boy arrived at the home and was greeted by the stepfather and his friend. The two were both armed with firearms.

The teenager disclosed in his statement that he pulled the stepfather’s gun to his face and told him he was too scary to shoot him.

Well….. he shot him.

Luckily for the both of them the bullet just grazed his face and did not make internal connection.

Police said Knight and the victim are known not to like each other.

This incident gives a new meaning to meeting parents!

One of the Two Twin Brothers Accused of Murder is Dismissed

One of the Two Twin Brothers Accused of Murder is Dismissed

Just about two months has passed since a teenager was brutally beaten and stabbed by two twin brothers in early June.

Trenton Nelson, the victim, was chased down by a North Clinton Ave pawn shop on June 2nd and was stabbed to death. The two who were accused of the murder were Juan Mojena and his twin brother Darvis Mojena. The grand jury indicted them on charges of 2nd degree murder June 15th.

It has been seven weeks since the teen was killed. He was only 16.

Now, one of the teens accused of murdering his classmate has had their murder charges dropped until further notice.

Stacy Kelly, the mother of the victim, was not in court on Monday for the first time since her son’s death.

She predicted that they were going to drop the charges for Juan Mojena.

“It seemed like the lawyer was really trying to push for this, and that they’re only trying to drag this out,” said Kelly.

Kelly and her family are going through a rough time awaiting the justice that deserves to be served for their beloved 16 year old who was killed by his former classmates and friends.

“How do you try to piece your life back together and then have to re-live it all over in January, That’s the hard part,” Kelly said.

The two brothers will remain in jail on no bail and will be back in court August 3rd.

written by : Sedria Thomas

Denver Broncos Damaryius Thomas’s Mother Receives Commuted Sentence by President Obama

Ever live your life without your parents? Ever had lost them due to the unfair court system in favor for them to serve maximum sentences on non-violent accounts? Well for Denver Broncos wide receiver Damaryius Thomas that’s been his life since the age of 12.

Smith’s grandmother, Minnie Pearl Thomas and his mother Katinia Smith were arrested in March 1999 for drug trafficking with cocaine. Both of them were convicted in February 2000. Smith was sentenced to 20 years in prison and Thomas was handed two life sentences.

His mother was among 46 nonviolent drug offenders who had their sentences commuted by President Barack Obama on Monday. She will be released from bars in November after serving over 15 years.

Thomas’s relationship with the two women behind bars was made public in the 2010 feature in the Denver Post and 2012 story in the New York Post.

On Super Bowl Media Day in 2014 he addressed that both women would be watching from behind bars and cheering him on.

“They drive me more to know that they’re there and they’re watching me,” Thomas said, according to ProFootballTalk. “I try to go out there and play my best because they’re going to talk about it to the people in the jailhouse.”

Obama notified each of the pardoned prisoners with a personalized letter.

“These men and women were not hardened criminals,” Obama said in a video posted to the White House’s Facebook page. “So their punishments didn’t fit the crime, and if they’d been sentenced under today’s laws, nearly all of them would have already served their time.”


written by: Sedria Thomas

Guns on College Campuses

There are currently eight states who allow students to possess concealed weapons on campus. Texas is predicted to be the ninth state to allow them.
We all know of the unfortunate popular school shootings like, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Columbine, and many more. So why is it important now, to carry concealed weapons? These school shootings have been going on for quiet some time and now some states are deciding to finally do something.
If you analyze this decision with deep thought, you may question whether or not it’s going to make campuses safer or more dangerous.
With allowing concealed weapons on campus, it is allowing students who voluntarily use their weapon to plead self defense in every case. Right or wrong?
Allowing concealed weapons on campus gives students who are irresponsible and a danger to others, easy access to deadly weapons.
Do we really need students carrying concealed weapons? In unfortunate cases of school shootings, will it cause more harm or will it remain the same?
Is putting a weapon in the hands of a typical drunk student saving a life or is it threatening another?
Students quickly ran to Facebook to express their opinion on this controversial topic. One grad student Steve Hall said, “The issue is that concealed-carry permits are not issued only to college men and women who are sober and responsible. It is not enough that they do the right thing most of the time; it is important that they do the right thing all the time if they are carrying. And this age group is not well known for that. I shoot, and I am a grad student. I think allowing guns on a college campus is a terrible, terrible idea.”
Would you feel safe if your children went to school on a campus in which allowed concealed weapons? What’s your opinion on this new raging topic?

Elder Abuse

There comes a point in time when your loved ones reach an age that disables them from doing things on their own. But who would think that their own family would take advantage of them?
Well it’s not typical you hear this type of abuse in the news, right? But why is that? Are elders not as important as teenagers and adults?
Almost 400 cases of elder abuse are reported to  Lifespan’s Elder Abuse Prevention program each year.
On June 15th in 2006 this unrecognized abuse strived to take a stand. They launched World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) to raise awareness towards this cause. This year will mark its tenth anniversary.
Abuse is a vague term when referred to any individual, but with elders it includes neglect, physical or sexual abuse, psychological abuse and financial exploration.
An example of mistreatment was found in Rochester by a women Catherine: Catherine lives in an assisted living community in suburban Rochester. Her grandson visits her almost daily and takes advantage of her memory lapses by driving her to multiple ATM machines to withdraw hundreds to thousands of dollars to support his drug habit.
Is it safe to say that nursing homes are better for the old? No! As much as people love having their loved ones in a “safe” environment, in essence it is not always safe. In nursing homes the old are assisted by workers who at first are strangers to them. In all, not every employee has the best interest in your loved ones.
There are many cases in society linking mistreatment of elders by employees.
You can join the commitment by contacting Lifespan through its Eldersource/ NY Connects program at (585) 325-2800 if you have concerns about an older adult who is being abused.
Paul L. Caccamise is vice president for Program at Lifespan. Co-author Art Mason is director of Lifespan’s Elder Abuse Prevention Program.