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Dress to Impress

So you are a young adult and the first step to entering adult hood is acting in a manner which relates to your professional field. Don’t know what that consists of or simply you just want to act in a professional manner? Well I got all the quick tips for you to look like that professional that you aspire to be at an early age.

I know it is hard switching your wardrobe but it is not that complicated because it will take years to completely switch over anyway.

First things first, you need to identify who do you aspire to be and what your current style is. After this step is done you will go through your closet and donate or put in storage all the clothes in which represent an immature character that doesn’t reflect you in a professional manner.

The next thing you will do is go SHOPPING!

While shopping you have to keep in mind what you are dressing for such as interviews, leisure wear, or even parties.


  • Grab a couple of nice dress suits or pant suits for career fairs, interviews and or potential internships
  • Stack up on khaki’s, dressy tops, day dresses, nice jeans and whatever your mind is set on
  • Grab some heels, flats and some nice comfort shoes


  • Grab a couple of snazzy suits and dress shoes
  • Nice jeans, polos, and shirts are great

The next thing to do is decide on what to wear each day.

I AM NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO DRESS SOPHISTICATED EVERYDAY! I’m rather saying that your closet should be filled with both varieties and that a shift to the more sophisticated lifestyle will come in time and accordance to your profession. You can still have your nice party outfits and playful day outfits but make sure you develop a correct image of yourself

Dress to impress everyday no matter if you only have one class because you never know who you may run into. Become who you want to be early!


Written by Sedria Thomas

Syracuse Kisses the ‘Kiss Cam’ Goodbye

Syracuse University Retires the Kiss Cam

It’s been a tradition in a lot of sport arenas and stadiums. The kiss cam has become a norm in the industry of sporting events today. The camera scans the crowd as a love song comes on while they find a couple to share their kiss on the big screen.

The question is it cute or awkward?

Kiss Cam.jpg

The Orange men of Syracuse have put an end to the tradition that has spanned decades in the recent week. A recent Syracuse University football game kiss cam sparked the administration to eventually ban the camera all together.

A Manlius resident reported that the behavior associated with the kiss cam came off as disturbing and downgrading.

“The crowd was cheering and I instantly felt sick to my stomach. I mean it wasn’t a guess, it wasn’t a second thought, it instantly felt awful,” said Steve Port.

During the SU vs. Wake Forest game, Port said the camera closed in on students who were obviously not couples. He stated that once on camera it seemed that the male forced the female to kiss him as the crowd cheered on.

After the game, Port proceeded to write a letter discouraging the kiss cam. He sent it to the athletic officials and since then the kiss cam has been retired for now.

Port has many great ideas in why there should be a discussion about who they narrow in on and who they don’t because it causes a very awkward situation.

In a college setting where sexual assault is continuingly rising, kiss cams don’t help but display the reality of it with students who are forced to kiss.

A student stated that if the kiss cam does come back then their need to be a discussion among all parties to make it comfortable for all.

So for now Syracuse University has said goodbye to their traditional kiss cam.


Written by Sedria Thomas

Parties, Friends, and School


This student is always the first one to dance in the party, the one with the most friends, first one in class, last one in the library, and the one who has a job and an internship with a 3.8 GPA.

Who is this student you may ask?

It can be you if you put your mind to it.

College in essence has its spurts of difficulties but it is important to understand that you need a social life in order not to go insane.

Managing friends, going out and school work is not as hard as it looks it just takes time management and excellent organization skills. Without these skills, balancing all these factors becomes very difficult and hard to achieve.

While college is a learning institution it is also an institution in which an individual finds their internal self and begin making life choices. Partying and going out may be a stereotype of college but it is a great oppurtunity to give your brain a break from the extremities of your school work. Being with friends and going out will bring down stress levels and your work ethic will be better.

Before you decide to release the stress you have to get organized with your work and schedule for the week to come. In order to do this you need to organize all homework that needs to be done and split it up among the days. Then factor in any other extracurricular activities and now you have an agenda you can base your week off of. With this organization skill it gives you a pre-plan in case you want to take a break one day and go out.

On the other hand, partying and friends can also be a roadblock to your success in school work so make sure you make smart decisions. For example if you have a final on Friday it will not be the wisest choice to go out Thursday night if you don’t feel prepared for it.

Smart choices are key.

Employers look for well-rounded individuals so participating in extracurricular activities while maintaining a decent GPA will make you stand out in front of a student with a 4.0 who only focuses on school.

Just in case you still think it’s impossible to balance all the factors, take me as a prime example. In the spring semester I went out almost every weekend, have a plethora of friends, worked at the library and was still able to make Dean’s List with a 3.74.

Remember you only go to college once so make sure you enjoy it while achieving your goal.


Written by Sedria Thomas

Girlfriend Murdered in Altercation in Bedroom


WARNING: The details of this column are EXTREMELY graphic

The most important rule in moving on to a new relationship is not to mix up your current significant others’ name with your Ex. In many cases this accident usually causes arguments or break ups but unfortunately for a South Florida woman, it essentially lead to her death.


Fidel Lopez, 24, is being charged in the death of his girlfriend after he admitted to exenterating her intestines after she called out her ex-husband’s name during sexual intercourse.

In extreme details Lopez told the police the gruesome details of that night. Lopez said he was drunk and became extremely angry, Sunday morning, when his girlfriend called out another man’s name during sex in their Sunrise apartment. He then fessed up to destroying their apartment by punching a sliding glass door, punching holes in the wall and ripping a door off its hinges.

While his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, was lying unconscious on the floor he then began to sexually mutilate her. He admitted to mutilating her with various objects including his entire forearm. While inside he proceeded to rip out part of her intestines.

In a crazy drunk realization that she wasn’t breathing, Lopez tried to revive her by going to the bathroom and splashing water on her face.

Around 4 a.m., 911 received a call saying that his lover was not breathing.

Police arrived to the house to find Lopez crying by Nemeth’s body and intestines.


I know that alcohol does a lot to a person but does it act in a way that one will have the nerve to act like an animal feasting on its prey? If that is so, whatever he was drinking needs to come off the market as soon as possible before there is another savage attack as this one.

Some people in this world have no appreciation for life on this earth but rather behind bars.

In essence, this situation could have been easily avoided without a death and a murder charge.

Individuals like himself are not mentally stable to be in any relationship because mistakes do happen and unfortunately this woman had to suffer from it.


Written By Sedria Thomas

Olympics in Rio: Will it cause trouble?



Olympics in Rio is perfect when you have seriously dangerous viruses in the water that swimmers have to swim in, right? Sounds great.

The reasoning to have the Olympics in Rio is beyond me and it confuses me that they would have it in an area that lacks in hotels for the amount of people that the Olympics bring in and in an area which can cause athletes serious illness.

But hey, I’m not a part of the committee. Lol

On Tuesday the Olympic organizers promised that they would do testing in the water that the Olympic swimmers have to race in.

“The viral tests, we will do and we will repeat this because the most important (thing) for us is the health of the athletes,” Nuzman said in an interview in London. “We are working with our medical department and looking for this.”

I mean if the health of the athletes was the most important thing then why have it in a place with infected water.

Each time the Olympics comes around it is a hard time because searching for a venue is difficult. You need a host where there is enough space for tourists and spectators. Also, the Olympics not only makes the city money but also puts them in debt.

The Olympics in Rio is becoming an elongated process each and every day.

These tests come after a German Sailor fell really ill after sailing in the Rio waters for a pre-Olympic test.

All we can do is hope they get this problem solved so we can enjoy the Olympics on TV and for the sake of the athletes’ health!


Written by Sedria Thomas

Buffalo Bills Release Fred Jackson



On Monday, the Buffalo Bills took to the field to practice but one impacting component was missing. That impacting component was Veteran Running Back, Fred Jackson.

Fred Jackson, 34 was dismissed over the weekend by the Bills.

He was the longest tenured player on the roster and the franchise’s 3rd leading rusher.

It’s so weird seeing the Bills playing without Jackson because less than two weeks ago I sat in on an interview with Jackson with ESPN Rochester 95.7.

He is such a humble individual who doesn’t want to give up football quite yet and was working hard to recover from his common and painful injuries. In the interview Dan Borrello asked him does he see himself in any other jersey after he is done. Jackson replied “I don’t know.”

Even he couldn’t predict that he was going to be cut and his last time wearing a Bills jersey would be in Training Camp.

Here’s a little background information on Fred Jackson:

  • Birthday: February 20th,1981
  • Hometown: Fort Worth Texas
  • College: Coe College
  • Played indoor football when he was told he was too small for the NFL
  • Joined the Bills in 2006 as a free agent
  • Consensus All-American (2002)
  • United Indoor Football co-MVP (2005)
  • NFL All Purpose Yards leader (2009)
  • First player in NFL history to compile 1,000 rushing and 1,000 kickoff return yards in a season (2009)
  • 2010 Bills Walter Payton “Man of the Year” award
  • 2× NFL Ground Player of the Week
  • Ranked #83 in the Top 100 Players of 2012

With his release Doug Whaley stated, “He’s been the heart and soul of the Buffalo Bills for a long time. He’s a tremendous person not only on the field but what him and his family have done in the community.”

We wish Fred Jackson a sad goodbye and success in his future.


Written by Sedria Thomas

Back To School


 So by now you have started college classes again, unless you’re one of the few lucky individuals who don’t start for two more weeks.

You have been settled in for a few days but now it’s time to be serious and put your professional hat on. Decorating your room and meeting new friends was your initial enjoyment but now you have to plan for the rest of your college tenure.

One important thing to remember, if you are a first year student, is that you are on your own! You are now considered a young adult and are currently making decisions which can affect you in the long run.

Make sure you attend all your classes especially in the first week because this is the time when your professor goes over the syllabus and the semester in all. This will give you an idea of what each class is about and whether or not it is useful.

If you are not happy with a class make sure that you know your colleges’ add/drop dates so you will not have a withdrawal on your transcript.

If you need help staying organized with homework and assignments that are due in different classes the best idea would be to make an assignment calendar. You can find a default layout on Excel. All you need to do is make three columns and label them: Class, Assignment and Due Date. Then fill them in with all your classes and organize them by their date and hang it up in your dorm so you are never behind in any class.

The assignment calendar helped me maintain a very high GPA because organization is the key to success.

Another great thing to do is set goals for yourself. Tell yourself that you will obtain a certain GPA or make Deans List so you have something to work for.

College is about making decisions for your future but also don’t forget to enjoy your new friends and the experience of being on your own.



Written by Sedria Thomas

Crazed Man Kills His Wife and Two Dogs

I am going to warn everybody before reading this blog.

Qualifications to Read:

  • Must be sane
  • Have not wanted to harm another



  • This is a disgusting and unfortunate incident
  • If you have a crazy boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife keep an eye out on them!


Okay now that we got all the precautions over with. In Phoenix Arizona a man is facing charges of first-degree murder and two counts of animal cruelty. The charges have come after he mutilated his wife and two dogs July 25th.

43 year old, Kenneth Dale Wakefield, was apparently high on drugs when he stabbed his wife multiple times before slicing off her head. Allegedly, the reason for slicing off her head was that he was, “trying to get the evil out.”

I don’t know where he heard that killing somebody gets the evil out of them but obviously he talks to God because he told the neighbor that everything was okay since God forgave him.

Sorry hunny but I don’t think forgiveness is what you need. I think he really should go to a mental hospital. But oops I forgot he was released from the facility months before the killing.

SMH, so is the mental health facility a fraud? He was released and then ended up taking away somebody’s beloved life. Isn’t this backwards?

The real question is will he be sent to jail or back to the mental facility? I think he needs to serve time but you know how the courts love declaring mental illness.

Help Me Pack My Suitcase for School

Are you having trouble with what to buy for school? Or are you afraid you are spending too much money on too much stuff?

Well to your contentment, Sedria is here!

I’m going into my second year of school and I have learned a lot on what one should or should not buy.

Room Layout:

  • Bedding
    • A mattress topper is a must unless you like sleeping on a “jail” bed
      • I personally bought a TempurPedic, which was like sleeping on a cloud
    • A comforter set to your liking and an extra blanket for those cold nights
    • Pillows! Comfortable ones
  • Closet
    • Hangers, Hangers and more Hangers
      • If you’re like me you need all of them for your massive amount of clothing
    • Desk/Drawer
      • Storage containers
      • Pens/Pencils
      • Drawer Liners
      • Alarm Clock
      • TV/Printer (If Needed)
    • Wall
      • Decorations to your liking
        • FYI my wall was filled with pictures because I hate a plain wall
      • Calendar
      • Schedule Organizer
      • White Board
    • Floor
      • Rug that will not get dirty easily
      • Garbage Can
    • Clothes
      • FYI the closet is not the same as the one at home
        • It is small L
      • All your shoes may not fit on your side!
    • Body Essentials
      • Buy extra, extra and extra of your bodily needs so you don’t have to go shopping
      • Have a trunk to put all of them in
    • Extras
      • Iron board/Iron
      • Fridge/Freezer
      • Food Bin with cover (To avoid all unnecessary creatures)
      • Extra storage containers
      • Hair supply bin
      • Shower caddy/Wrap
    • Food
      • Buy it when you get there!


To ensure you are saving money, compare prices of different items between at various stores.