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SMDH….Three Suny Albany Students Indicted For Lying About Racial Attack

Three SUNY Students accused of falsely reporting an incident
Three SUNY Students accused of falsely reporting an incident

The three women who claimed they were attacked by white folks because they are black are now facing charges for assault and false report of a hate crime.

Ariel Agudio, Asha Burwell and Alexis Briggs all 20 years of age are each facing charges for hitting a 19 year old woman, two 19 year old men, an 18 year old woman, and a 20 year old woman on the CDTA bus and falsely reporting the incident.  Continue reading SMDH….Three Suny Albany Students Indicted For Lying About Racial Attack

Georgia Executes Man After Evidence Reveals Racist Juror

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Imagine being sentenced to the death penalty and days before your execution you get word that your judgement may have been influenced by a racist juror. Your life is on the line, so you immediately request an appeal. However, your motion is disregarded and you’re put to death anyway. You must be thinking, “Oh Hell Nah! We Gonna Have Uh Problem,” but for Kenneth Fults this was reality.

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Picture Of Black Man Being Hanged At Joe’s Crab Shack (Photo)

“All I wanted was some gumbo” in the caption above the man being hanged in a photo imbedded on a table at Joe’s Crab Shack in Roseville, Minneapolis.

Tyrone Williams and Chauntyll Allen were at the returant to enjoy dinner for a friends birthday and discovered the photo below at the table they were seated.  Continue reading Picture Of Black Man Being Hanged At Joe’s Crab Shack (Photo)

Softball Coach Makes Racist Comments

The main attraction to young kids when entering school is the option to play sports, right? Sports are what makes friends and obtain status while maintaining a skill set that one is pleased to have. They are fun to watch and interesting to converse about. We see the outcome of repeated practices but we lack the observation of how that outcome comes about. We lack the knowledge of how today coaches are treating their players behind the scene.

Coaches are the main attribute to a team’s success and failure. They are the ones who are supposed to guide children in the right direction in athletics and in school. They are the players’ encouragement.

Each coach has different ways of controlling and disciplining their players. Some yell, some talk and some discipline with threats of running. But do coaches hit, make hurtful or even racist comments? Not in all cases but in the case of a Texas high school softball coach, it is the case.

The family of the young teenager, who reported that her coach called her racist slurs, are still wondering why the high school softball coach didn’t receive any sort of punishment.

An April letter from the principal Carla Rix informed Coach Brenda Jacobson that she “may have made inappropriate comments to students based on race or skin color.”

In the 2014 season, Jacobson had been accused of calling the black players’ hair “nappy and nasty” and making comments on how the sun likes them because it is attracted to black.

Another comment she made was with another teammate when she cut her leg Jacobson said, “See, everyone is white on the inside.”

Is this what sports are coming to be? Sports are supposed to lift teenagers’ spirits up, yet some coach are discouraging them and showing a side of society that they never wanted to witness.

written by: Sedria Thomas


Suspect Dylan Storm Roof In Custody Charged With 9 Counts Of Murder

Charleston, S.C. – Dylan Storm Roof the 21- year-old gunman has been captured by authorities and charged with 9 counts of murder in the shooting deaths of 9 victims at bible study in the historic Emanuel AME Church.

Roof has confessed to killing nine people to authorities and expressed his strong racist views during the confession. He also said he wanted his actions to be known.

Governor Nikki Haley said on NBC’s Today show “We will absolutely will want him to have the death penalty.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the nine people who tragically lost their lives at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

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