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Really?! Rob Kardashian Under Investigation For Threats


Uhhhh I can’t possibly be the only one who wouldn’t take a threat from Rob Kardashian seriously… Apparently some do take him serious enough to call the police.

Allegedly, Rob threatened a man named Pilot Jones who posted a photo from 2 years ago according to Blac Chyna of the two kissing. The photo pissed Rob off so he sent Pilot text messages physically threatening him.

Blac Chyna also said Pilot released the photo because he getting ready to drop a song and wants to build hype for it.

LAPD is investigating.

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Photo Of Man Wanted For Bombings In NYC Released

Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami
Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami

Authorities release photo and name of the man suspected of the Saturday bombing in New York City where 29 people were injured.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28 has been identified as the man law enforcement officials are seeking to question about the West 23rd Street bombing in Manhattan.

He is considered armed and dangerous according to the FBI.

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Picture Of Black Man Being Hanged At Joe’s Crab Shack (Photo)

“All I wanted was some gumbo” in the caption above the man being hanged in a photo imbedded on a table at Joe’s Crab Shack in Roseville, Minneapolis.

Tyrone Williams and Chauntyll Allen were at the returant to enjoy dinner for a friends birthday and discovered the photo below at the table they were seated.  Continue reading Picture Of Black Man Being Hanged At Joe’s Crab Shack (Photo)