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Stranger Things 2 Trailer

On Big Brother double eviction night Raven became super upset in tears crying because she was voted out. So she walked through the doors to talk to Julie Chen she throws her hands up and breaks into a cartwheel….

I thought wow okay that was odd, bizarre, and a bit strange and then BAM it hits me…  Stranger Things second season it’s should be about that time!!!   Continue reading Stranger Things 2 Trailer

House Of Cards Season 5 Trailer (Video)

If you have been waiting at least trying to wait patiently for the new season of House of Cards like I have you should find some comfort in the new trailer Netflix released this week.

It’s not as scary as our current reality but it looks like it will be another fantastic season. President Francis J. Underwood isn’t half as terrifying as President Donald J. Trump.

Continue reading House Of Cards Season 5 Trailer (Video)

Reign’s Favorite Super Bowl LI Ad (Video)

Patriots won making Tom Brady the only Quarterback to win 5 Super Bowl’s and he was named MVP of the game.

Lady Gaga even jumped off her stage twice and threw her microphone down during halftime performance which was well done BUT, oddly enough none of that moved or excited me.

What did??  Here is a hint… Netflix  #WorldUpsideDown  Continue reading Reign’s Favorite Super Bowl LI Ad (Video)