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Philadelphia 76ers Cancel Sevyn Streeter Because Of “We Matter” Jersey

Singer and songwriter Sevyn Streeter was told by Philadelphia 76ers not to sing the National Anthem minutes before she was scheduled to walk out on to the court.

Instead of Sevyn Streeter singing the 76ers had one of the dancers come out and perform the National Anthem. Now that is not cool!

Sevyn said the reason she was given by 76ers management was because she had on a “We Matter” jersey and she was not given any form of dress code prior to her scheduled performance.

Couldn’t they of just asked her to change her jersey??

Anyway,  Sevyn tweeted about the incident shortly after they told her she would not be singing.

The 76ers organization declined to comment on why they pulled Sevyn.

NBA had no comment.

SMH. #WeMatter

To read in depth click ESPN.com

Have You Ever Seen A Real NBA Contract?

When I read the story off of ex NBA player Gilbert Arenas I had to post this for Tariq. Not necessarily the story of Arenas and the mother of his children in court but his 2008 NBA contract.

Most of us have never seen a real professional athlete contract especially one from the National Basketball Association courtesy of TMZ. It’s pretty awesome so here you go Tariq!

Click on the photo below to read entire contract.  Continue reading Have You Ever Seen A Real NBA Contract?