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Uh-Oh Birdman May Have Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems


So it looks like Lil Wayne might just be telling the truth when it comes to the money. The  judge presiding over the case is ordering Birdman to open his books.

According to TMZ Birdman’s “accountants” at Cash Money have been horrible at keeping records but lawyer’s shrugged it off saying “It is what it is.”

Well the judge is not hearing it (no pun intended) Birdman has 30 days to get the records or else.

Birdman better hope when look for Lil Wayne’s money they don’t find anything else like tax evasion.


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Apple Has Cash Money Records Documentary In The Works


Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Birdman documentary is in the works.

Yep that’s right! Apple Inc. will be making the documentary on Cash Money records, one of the most successful hip hop labels in the world according to Bloomberg.com.

Apple already has an exclusivity deal with Cash Money artist Lil Wayne, Nicki, and Drake so this will just be the cherry on top of the ice cream.

Birdman who is Co-founder of Cash Money posted a photo on Instagram with one of Apple’s original music content executive, Larry Jackson after coming to an agreement for Apple to fund the project.

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