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Yahoo Scanned Email For U.S. Intelligence

Are you surprised that Yahoo is working with U.S. Intelligence to read your email if you have an account with them??.. I’m not! They are probably reading this as I type or watching through my computer camera.

At this point nothing surprises me but back to the story of Yahoo scanning emails. According to Reuters Yahoo Inc. built custom program last year that allowed them to scan and search all incoming emails of it’s customers apparently looking for emails that contained “National Security Agency or FBI.”

This is the first case that a U.S. internet company worked with central intelligence to search all os it’s customers incoming messages instead of a smaller number of accounts at one time.

I wonder if more companies like Google will agree to this?

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Photo Of Man Wanted For Bombings In NYC Released

Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami
Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami

Authorities release photo and name of the man suspected of the Saturday bombing in New York City where 29 people were injured.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28 has been identified as the man law enforcement officials are seeking to question about the West 23rd Street bombing in Manhattan.

He is considered armed and dangerous according to the FBI.

To read in depth visit BBC.com

Federal Assistance Headed To Baltimore Due To Record Violence

Strolling through the news this morning I came across an article about Baltimore and the record setting murder spike. The city has faced an increase in violence since the riots erupted over the death of Freddie Grey a few months ago.

What I find intriguing about the article is it sounds very similar to the “war on drugs” campaign of the 70’s.

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