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#JailBae Jeremy Meeks Deported From U.K. On His Way To Modeling Job

Morning cup of Joe Jeremy!

Remember #JailBae Jeremy Meeks? He was arrested on gun charges in California back in 2014. His mugshot went viral after Stockton Police posted it on Facebook.  Continue reading #JailBae Jeremy Meeks Deported From U.K. On His Way To Modeling Job

Dress to Impress

So you are a young adult and the first step to entering adult hood is acting in a manner which relates to your professional field. Don’t know what that consists of or simply you just want to act in a professional manner? Well I got all the quick tips for you to look like that professional that you aspire to be at an early age.

I know it is hard switching your wardrobe but it is not that complicated because it will take years to completely switch over anyway.

First things first, you need to identify who do you aspire to be and what your current style is. After this step is done you will go through your closet and donate or put in storage all the clothes in which represent an immature character that doesn’t reflect you in a professional manner.

The next thing you will do is go SHOPPING!

While shopping you have to keep in mind what you are dressing for such as interviews, leisure wear, or even parties.


  • Grab a couple of nice dress suits or pant suits for career fairs, interviews and or potential internships
  • Stack up on khaki’s, dressy tops, day dresses, nice jeans and whatever your mind is set on
  • Grab some heels, flats and some nice comfort shoes


  • Grab a couple of snazzy suits and dress shoes
  • Nice jeans, polos, and shirts are great

The next thing to do is decide on what to wear each day.

I AM NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO DRESS SOPHISTICATED EVERYDAY! I’m rather saying that your closet should be filled with both varieties and that a shift to the more sophisticated lifestyle will come in time and accordance to your profession. You can still have your nice party outfits and playful day outfits but make sure you develop a correct image of yourself

Dress to impress everyday no matter if you only have one class because you never know who you may run into. Become who you want to be early!


Written by Sedria Thomas