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EgyptAir Plane Disappears Over the Mediterranean


EgyptAir flight 804 took off from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at 11:09 p.m. Wednesday, for what was supposed to be a 3 ½ hour flight to Cairo, Egypt, before it disappeared. The 66 passenger airbus, including 10 flight crew members, was flying about 37,000 feet when it vanished off the radar somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea. Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Sharif Fathi is classifying this tragedy as a terrorist attack. Fathi says that the plane had no known mechanical or technical issues, and the probability of terrorism is higher than any other assumption. EgyptAir has been targeted frequently over the past few months by presumed terrorist. Our condolences goes out to anyone effected by this tragedy.

Racqui B.

Egypt Air Hijacking

When Tuesday’s flight from Alexandria, Egypt to Cairo took an unusual route, over the Mediterranean Sea, passengers began to suspect something was wrong. Suspicions proved correct when a flight crew member finally announced that the plane was being hijacked.

Seif El Din Mustafa stood in the back of the plane, wearing a fake explosive belt, directing crew members; eventually forcing the plane to divert into Cyprus. It’s reported that Mustafa’s actions were motivated by issues involving his ex-wife, who is a Cypriot.

After landing in Cyprus, the hijacker ordered for all women and children to leave the plane first, followed by a general announcement to have all Egyptians leave the plane. The hijacking ended peacefully, with all 82 persons on board exiting safely. Mustafa was later detained by authorities.



Written by Racqui B