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Fight or Slap Match

Soulja Boy’s beef with Chris Brown keeps getting crazier and crazier. What began as a social media beef has escalated and led to the hip- hop stars settling this online fight with a real life boxing match. Both stars have announced their signing on for this televised three round fight, occurring in Las Vegas in March. And if that isn’t already over the top, it appears that now Mike Tyson is training Chris Brown, and Floyd Mayweather is backing Soulja Boy!unnamedpost by winter intern:  Natalie

Kyrie Needs Support Too


As you may recall, earlier this week singer/songwriter, Kehlani, attempted suicide after an Instagram post suggested that she was cheating on her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavalier player, Kyrie Irving, with ex-boyfriend PartyNextDoor (PND). While the world sent prayers up for the songstress, Kyrie’s comrades remained loyal to their friend.

Fellow Cavalier, Lebron James, poured words of encouragement into his teammate, with his main concern being having a focused Kyrie during playoffs. However, friend Chris Brown surprisingly (sarcasm) took the low road, and made it clear that he was not accepting any invitations to Kehlani’s pity party.

Chris blasted Kehlani through a series of tweets that included:


While suicide is not something to take lightly, I say we all need a friend like Chris Brown.



Racqui B

DJ Sight’s Review on Zendaya’s “Something New”


So I’m sitting in the WDKX studio listening to music and I hear this record that comes on and I’m thinking it’s TLC’S classic “Creep,” but the more I listen to the record I’m like, wait a minute that’s not the TLC record, it’s a remake of the “Creep” beat. Then I find out it’s Zendaya. You know the young girl from the Disney Channel. She has the new tv show with Kadeem Hardison and she was originally cast to play Aaliyah in the Lifetime movie. She has a brand new record featuring Chris Brown called  “Something New.” The record brings me back to when I was growing up in the 90s. Listen below:

Written by DJ Sight

Chris Brown Will Donate $1 From Album Sales To Charity

Chris Brown is dropping his highly anticipated album Royalty December 18th which is named after his daughter.

If that isn’t special enough, $1 of all the pre-ordered albums purchased from now until the albums release will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospital & Best Buddies.


image1 (1)

Chris Brown you have come a long way much respect to you! Love to see people grow and evolve.