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Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent Facing Another Lawsuit


(NY Daily News) Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson cribbed the idea for his hit Starz show “Power” from two aspiring TV writers, a new Manhattan federal court lawsuit claims.

R. Byron Hord and Curtis Scoon say they wrote a pilot script for a TV show called “Dangerous” in late 2009.

“Dangerous” was about “an African-American Protagonist’s work as a drug dealer and subsequent attempts to launder his money and then ‘go legit,'” they claim in the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the main character of their show is “struggling with the balance between his friendship with an Irish gangster and his female love interest.”

They gave a copy of the script to several LA-based entertainment execs who, in 2011, met with 50 Cent and asked whether he wanted to develop it into a show, they say.


Is 50 Cent A Deadbeat Dad?


So I was strolling strolling through the Instagram neighborhood and came across The Shaderoom’s post from 50 Cent (which he later deleted) of a picture with him and his oldest son Marquis Jackson.

The caption underneath the photo reads “This kid is going to hate his mother when she realizes what she did to him. He has to make it on his own like I did. SMH GOOD LUCK !!!” That REALLY bothers me.. The mere fact you would deny your child for any reason is not cool 50. #excuse
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50 Cent Makes History In WNY

On Saturday October 24th Curtis “50” Cent Jackson made some “Power” moves (pun intended) in Western New York as he helped sell the most bottles of Effen Vodka ever at one store at one time.

As part of his promotional tour for the Effen Vodka brand, the rapper turned business man made a morning stop at the Buffalo Metro Liquor store on William Street. Security was tight in and around the area as word quickly spread through the hood that a millionaire was in town. But even the locally hired security guard had to step in for a photo opp with the man of the hour!
joseph hall 50 cent
​Photo Credit: Joseph Hall

50 Cent literally signed thousands of individual bottles of Effen Vodka for fans in Buffalo that morning and later in Orchard Park, helping the brand move cases upon cases of liquor.
He bragged about the success on Instagram
Written by Jazzy T