Marcus Kreiger – Songwriting Contest

Hi, my name is Marcus Kreiger. I was born and raised in Rochester attended School of the Arts for high school, and now attend college for music in Hartford, CT. I recently entered a songwriting contest where the first step is getting as many views on my page as possible. I have 3 videos up, and the more people that view them, the more points I receive.
Here is the link to my competition page for sharing/viewing:

Thanks again,
Marcus Kreiger

Tariq’s Music Review

Jazmine Sullivan’s “Let it Burn” may have sampled the 1989 After 7 Hit Song “Ready or Not”, but Jazmine’s voice and lyrics speak to the feeling of a “creepin’ in your heart…. that can you feel it tearing you apart?” Yep, It’s that deep.


Sullivan, born and raised in Philadelphia, left the Music Industry in January of 201, via Twitter “I promised myself when it wasn’t fun anymore I wouldn’t do it. And, here I am. I’m not saying I won’t ever sing again in my life because I don’t believe that.” And she was right, coming back earlier this year with a New Album “Reality Show”.

Written by Tariq Spence


Health Beats: Women’s Health

Nurse Bowick Label

Hello Rochester, this is Nurse Bowick. Have we got something to talk about? Oh Yeah! October is here and we have an exciting women’s health dialogue planned for you. This month long health series will cover breast cancer, menopause, bacteria vaginitis, why women don’t want their sons to play football, “Viagra” for women and so much more.

Ladies, it is out with the little blue pill and in with the little pink pill! There is a new pill available to treat premenopausal women with generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Unlike Viagra for men which increases blood flow to enhance sexual pleasure. Addyi a.k.a flibanserin manipulates serotonin, a neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for sexual desire. If you plan to turn up with Addyi, be sure to turn down the champagne because the two don’t mix. Side effects include dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, fatigue, insomnia and dry mouth.


There is one particular group that is extremely excited about this new pill! Nope, It is not the women’s rights advocates who some believed pressured the FDA to approve this drug for parity. Ladies, its men who believe there could be one less cold shower in his future.

   Theresa Lou Bowick BSN, RNRegistered Professional NurseDoctor of Nursing Practice Student

Atu’s Music Review

Amidst the random ongoings of Life, a male individual reaches a pause in reality. An undeniable truth walking… His own manipulator of emotion is now before him. An effect so grand it reaches beyond the visual shock. Perhaps the scent, maybe the grace of her movement is involuntarily involving – He Is Stunned! She exists like a melody while the smell of Sex And Candy influences the song… that later influenced this blog.

Maroon 5 “Sex and Candy”… Enjoy!


Written by Mr. Nationwide himself Atu!

RazorSharks to Hold Open Tryouts

The defending Premier Basketball League Champions, Rochester RazorSharks, will be holding tryouts for free agents, interested and/or potential players for their upcoming 2016 season.

The tryouts will be held on Sunday October 25th from 1:00PM – 5:00PM with registration starting at 12:15PM at the Eastman Business Park (200 W. Ridge Rd. Gym is located on the 3rd floor).

The cost to tryout is $75 for pre-registration and $100 the day off, and all registration forms and information can be found on the RazorSharks website ( or for further questions contact the office at 585-232-9190. Pre-registration deadline is October 22nd.

Parking for the event is available across the street from the main entrance. Seating for spectators will be VERY limited.