Have You Ever Seen A Real NBA Contract?

When I read the story off of ex NBA player Gilbert Arenas I had to post this for Tariq. Not necessarily the story of Arenas and the mother of his children in court but his 2008 NBA contract.

Most of us have never seen a real professional athlete contract especially one from the National Basketball Association courtesy of TMZ. It’s pretty awesome so here you go Tariq!

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Georgia Teen Wakes From Coma Speaking Spanish

Ruben Nsemoh
Ruben Nsemoh

Talk about a curse and a blessing! I came across a news story this morning that is amazing for two reasons. The Georgia teen who was injured is expected to be okay after a three day coma and he now speaks fluent Spanish.

16 year old, Rueben Nsemoh, suffered a life threatening head injury after being kicked in the head diving for a loose ball during a soccer game by another player.

Rueben was airlifted to the hospital where he spent a few days in the intensive care unit in a coma. He woke up after three days speaking fluent Spanish saying “Tengo hambre” which means “I’m hungry.” When Rueben tried to speak english he began having seizures.

Rueben told TIME magazine he had only known a few words and “It started flowing out,” he said “I felt like it was like second nature for me.”

Doctors say it’s not uncommon for something like this to happen.

To read more click Time.com

Whaaaaaaat??!! Atlanta Star Donald Glover Will Be Young Lando Calrissian


So DJ Sight really thought that Donald Glover being cast as the young Lando Calrissian in the new Han Solo Star Wars Stand-Alone Film wasn’t a big deal. BUT for us Star Wars fans we know that this is pretty big news!

Congratulations to the hit FX show Atlanta star and creator Donald Glover!!

The Han Solo movie which is still untitled is set for release in 2018.

Read in depth StarWars.com

No Excuses Breast Cancer Screening & Bra Fitting

Monday, October 24th & Saturday, October 29th

Anthony L. Jordan Health at 82 Holland Street is offering a professional bra fitting and you could receive a FREE bra

Routine breast cancer screening saves lives.

The mammogram only takes about 20 minutes.  You can make an appointment or call 585-487-3304 to find out if you qualify for a FREE mammogram.

Watch the video for more information.

99 Problems But Writers Block Ain’t One For Jay Z


Another one for Hov! Jay Z has been nominated to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame which would make him the first rapper to be inducted if Hov wins.

In order to be nominated you must have written music for at least 20 years. Jay Z became eligible this year for the first time, his album Reasonable Doubt debut in 1996.

Congratulations Hov!!

A few of the other artist nominated this year Madonna, the songwriting teams that make up the bands Chicago and Kool & The Gang, George Michael, Sly Stone, and Gloria Estefan.

To read who else has been nominated click USAToday.com



Tech Tea: Nintendo Is Back And Better Than Ever

Nintendo is getting ready to drop a new and radically different gaming console. On October 20th Nintendo gave us glimpse of the new console that you will be able to use with a TV, tablet, and it comes with it’s own screen.

The Nintendo Switch is unlike any other console on the market having detachable side controllers, large screen, and a kickstand. New games for the console so far Zelda, Mario Kart, and NBA title. 

Think I might get one of these!

Check out the video for a better idea of the new Nintendo.