Thieves steal bikes from community cycling program

Rochester, NY  – The Conkey Cruisers Neighborhood Bicycling Program has been giving free rides to residents since 2012, but now their efforts to promote healthy living have been brought to a halt.

Thieves have taken advantage of their kindness.

Nurse Theresa Bowick got the shock of her life Friday when she opened the trailers for her community bicycle program.

More than 150 bikes and baby carriages were stolen from their security trailers in Conkey Corner Park. From the burn marks on the trailers, it appears thieves used blowtorches to break the locks and likely broke a fence to sneak them out.

Theresa says she was rendered to tears.

“It wasn’t tears for Conkey Cruisers and the loss of bikes. It was tears for my community because I love Rochester,” says Bowick. “I kept thinking to myself, ‘what would lead a person to this?'”

Her daughter says her mom built the Conkey Cruisers Program to bring healthy living to a neighborhood in need of inspiration.

“It’s not the community that did this to us; it was somebody that decided they deserved what we had better than the community,” attests Jacynta Harris.

Nurse Bowick says even though the trailers are empty, she won’t give up in trying to fill them again. She cherishes words sent to her from First Lady Michelle Obama, who recognized the Conkey Cruisers’ success as part of the “Let’s Move Campaign.”

“She said to me, ‘I know it’s not easy, but if we keep working hard, we can improve our health and the health of our next generation,'” recalled Theresa.

The Conkey Cruisers will hold two bike drives to accept donated bikes to replace the stolen bikes. Those will be on  July 2nd and July 9th from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m at the Conkey Corner Park on 92 Conkey Avenue.  They will also keep the Conkey Cruiser tradition alive with a summer kick-off on July 13th.

“For everything they took, they took a little piece, but they didn’t take the passion,” promises Bowick,

Rochester Police said they have no new information on this case, and in the meantime, Nurse Bowick says she’s looking for a new storage space and hoping that whoever took the bikes will have a change of heart.

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written by Natasha Alford

Rochester citizens react to the Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision

Rochester, N.Y.  – People have been gathering all day with flags, cheering and celebrating. It’s a moment very similar to what we saw outside of the Supreme Court today.

Although same sex marriage has been legalized in New York since 2011, this is a historic decision that now means people’s rights go with them wherever they go.

“This is a really important moment,” siad Scott Fearing, the executive director of the Gay Alliance in Rochester. “This is one of those ‘flashbulb’ moments in LGBTQ history.”

In many ways, this movement has roots in Rochester, which has been rated one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in the country.

The Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley has been around since the 1970s and has played a key role in the leading the effort for LGBTQ rights at the University of Rochester.

At Rochester’s Equal Grounds coffee shop, we met people who say this is a hard-earned legal victory. Many say, although they feel they have more work to do, today’s decision will change the basic rights so many people already enjoy.

“I think it’s a great day, it’s super exciting, it means that there’s gonna be millions of Americans who no longer have to worry about the status of their family,” said resident Kelly Clark.

Other opponents said that this decision will change the country for the worse.

“Think we have an ideological nature of this writing some of these decisions rather than what the constitution actually says,” said Rev. Jason J. McGuire of the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms.

In the City of Rochester at noon, Mayor Lovely Warren raised a rainbow flag in honor of the Supreme Court’s ruling in front of City Hall.

“The Court has truly embraced the spirit on which America was founded: equal justice for all,” Mayor Warren said.


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written by Natasha Alford

Rainbow Flag Hung Outside

Rainbow flags have been flying all over the U.S since last Friday. Even a lot of political monuments and figures were lit up in rainbow colors.
The celebration came from the announcement of same sex marriage being legal in all 50 states in the United States.
The ruling came to be in a 5-4 decision in the Supreme Court.
Gay marriage in New York has been legal since July 2011. The ban of same sex marriages in 14 states had to be overturned with the recent ruling.
After the surprising announcement,the annual Pride parades were in the upmost celebration in their activities this past weekend.
While the parades were in full affect, the city of Rochester is representing the ruling with a flag.
Rochester honored the great day with a symbolic ceremony outside City Hall.
Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said that this is a great day for our country and America was founded on equal justice for all and this ruling shows the nation embraces people from all walks of life.
To express their solidarity with the LGBT community, Warren and City Councilman Matt Haag helped raise the rainbow flag outside City Hall.
The flag is to represent the fight of the LGBT community for the right to marry and the flag shows the city support of the movement.
Haag, who is openly gay, said the Supreme Court’s ruling is an important statement for our country, and the raising of the rainbow flag an important statement for the city.

“In a week where we’ve been talking about a flag that has meant division and racism and a history of hatred, today the city raises a flag above City Hall that stands for unity, for love, for respect, for equality and for fairness,” said Haag, D.


written by: Sedria Thomas

David Sweat Announces Plan

The drawn out search for David Sweat and Richard Matt finally comes to an end Sunday.
The search results in the death of the 49 year old Richard Matt who was shot and killed last Friday. He was shot when he refused to surrender. In addition the search concludes with the capture of David Sweat.
David Sweat is currently in critical condition after being shot twice by New York State Police Sgt. Jay Cook.
Being held at a heavily guarded hospital in Albany, Sweat begins to decipher their escape plan.
More than three weeks ago the initial plan for the two escapees from Clinton Correctional Facility was to flee to Mexico with the help of Joyce Mitchell.
They agreed to kill Joyce’s husband and take the car and drive to Mexico to live “happily ever after.”
When Mitchell failed to show up as the plan implied, the two escapees had to improvise.
Sweat stated that they decided to head north towards Canada.
Five days prior to the killing of Richard Matt, Sweat confessed that they split up. His reasoning was on the basis that Matt and his older age was slowing them down.
The main question that everybody is wondering about is: How did the two last as long as they did without being captured and who else besides Joyce helped them?
Only a plea bargain will answer these questions and that’s if David Sweat decides to give all the details of his immaculate escape.
The residents near the correction facility and surrounding areas are relieved and glad the search is over.
written by: Sedria Thomas

Shark Month


Has there ever been a time when you were terrified of the thought that you could get bitten by a shark? Well now is that time!
In the past 2 weeks of June there has been a reported 6 shark attacks by the Carolina coasts.
The thing that is bothering people is the question, “What is bringing the Sharks closer to shore?”
Scientists have been doing their research and have come to a couple conclusions:
1. The Sharks are simply in feeding
2. Sea Turtles(Sharks’ Food)are coming to shore to hatch their eggs
3. Fisherman attracting them with “chum”
4. Simply because more people are swimming
The shark experts wants the public to know these are not the dealing of “Jaws” like sharks but the works of sharks such as bull or tiger sharks.
The most recent attack put a teenager in the status of serious condition Sunday.
The 18 year old nearly died when he was bitten on his right calf, buttocks and both hands.
These attacks are on the rise so take precaution with these few tips:
1. Always stay in groups since sharks tend to attack a solitary individual
2. Don’t wander far from shore
3. Avoid going in the water during darkness
4. Don’t ever water if you are bleeding
5. Don’t harass a shark if you spot one
Just because these shark attacks are on the rise doesn’t mean you can’t take a friendly vacation to the Carolinas. So take precautions as you enjoy the nice weather and the beaches.
For more information visit
written by Sedria Thomas

R-Centers Summer Kick-Off Event Schedule Changed Due to Forecast of Rain

Due to the forecast of rain, the R-Centers Summer Kick-off event scheduled for Saturday, June 27 has been altered. The peace march, scheduled for 11 a.m., has been canceled. The party and picnic, previously located at the David F. Gantt R-Center, will be moved indoors to the Thomas P. Ryan R-Center, 530 Webster Ave., and will take place fromnoon to 3 p.m.

The party and picnic includes stage entertainment, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, bounce houses, carnival games, a cookout lunch and more. This event is free and open to the public.

For more information call the Ryan R-Center at 428-7828.

WDKX Talent Showdown

Local artists will showcase their talent for an opportunity to perform at the Rochester SummerFest 2015!
When: Saturday, June 27, 2015.
Where: Stardust Ballroom – 41 Backus Street  (Next to Jefferson High)
Time: 5pm
Free admission (space is limited)


Senator Rich Funke today announced he will host a free electronics recycling event, facilitated by Sunnking, Inc., at Eastview Mall tomorrow, June 27, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Residents seeking to dispose of unwanted computers, televisions, and small appliances can drop-off and property recycle their unused household electronics at this drive-through collection event, free of charge.
Funke’s electronics recycling event is free and open to the public.  The drive-through style collection will be held at Eastview Mall, 7979 Pittsford-Victor Road, Victor, NY in the Regal Cinema lot. For a list of acceptable items, please visit
Volunteers from Bishop Kearney High School will assist in processing the items and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the bulk recycling materials will be donated to Bishop Kearney.

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival Review

In its 14th edition of its festivities, the International Jazz Fest has brought in thousands this past week to enjoy the past, present and future of jazz music.

Displaying image1.JPGThe festival is located in downtown Rochester surrounding the Eastman School of Music and the streets of Gibbs and Main. It began its festivities last Friday, June 19th with the main attraction at Kodak Hall being the beautiful pianist and vocalist Diana Krall.

With all of the negative publicity Rochester has been receiving, this festival turns to the more live edition of how Rochester should be portrayed.

Music live from as early as 3pm each day and to as late as 3am the next day, the Jazz Festival has a plethora of performances in which can please any age level and preference.

The “Rainy” city of Rochester has held up most of their daily rains to support and honor the superb talents of the festival.

The festival is very pocket friendly by offering a variety of ticket specials and free street or venue shows.

This festival alone promotes an enormous impact on tourism and the effort to support “Visit Rochester.”

Performances from the sold out Gary Clark Jr. Jennifer Hudson, and Tedeshi Trucks Band show will make a great impact on jazz in Rochester. Herb Alpert & Lani Hall, Stepp Canyon Rangers, Diana Krall, Cecile McLorin Salvant, and many more have brought great attention to his historical genre.

The festival runs until this Saturday, June 27th. The ending act of the festival will be the Steep Canyon Rangers at Kodak Hall.

written by: Sedria Thomas