DJ Sight’s Review on Zendaya’s “Something New”


So I’m sitting in the WDKX studio listening to music and I hear this record that comes on and I’m thinking it’s TLC’S classic “Creep,” but the more I listen to the record I’m like, wait a minute that’s not the TLC record, it’s a remake of the “Creep” beat. Then I find out it’s Zendaya. You know the young girl from the Disney Channel. She has the new tv show with Kadeem Hardison and she was originally cast to play Aaliyah in the Lifetime movie. She has a brand new record featuring Chris Brown called  “Something New.” The record brings me back to when I was growing up in the 90s. Listen below:

Written by DJ Sight

What “Inspiring Beauty” Means to You

Inspiring beauty is the warmth of the sun every morning when you awake. That moment you are so confused, and right before you are about to give up the solution finds you. Inspiring beauty is a vivid rainbow after a rainy day. Graffiti in street. The strength it takes to smile especially when life is its most difficult. A soul that is persistent and a mind that craves knowledge. A heart who’s biggest goal is to love and nurture all that it comes in contact with. Continue reading What “Inspiring Beauty” Means to You