Flower City Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo

The Flower City Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo.
Sunday, April 19 
10:00am to 5:00pm
Kodak Theater on the Ridge 200 West Ridge Road.
A full day of skin care and make-up tutorials. Hair care and styling demonstrations for every diverse hair type.
Zumba, fitness and healthy lifestyle informational workshops, massage therapy sessions.
Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 day of the show at the door.  TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE online at  flowercityhairbeautyandwellnessexpo.com 

The Walking Dead Season Finale

One word #EPIC!

The best season finale yet! None of the main characters died, besides I don’t think we could of handled losing anyone else.

What did we learn?

Morgan is the man, Carol is the queen B, Glenn is some sort of superhero, the W stands for Wolves, Rick had a moment but he got his life after Michonne knocked some sense into him, and at the end of the day Rick was right.

Buffalo Bills Fans #GoodLuck

So the Buffalo Bills set record season ticket sales for 2015. Being that I am a Denver Broncos fan this doesn’t impress me. What will do the trick is the Bills actually having a winning/record breaking season.

Now,  it may sound like I’m a hater (I’ll admit I used to despise the Bills during Jim Kelly era) BUT I have grown to tolerate the Bills. Will I ever love them?… hell naw!

I wish the Bills and their fans the best in the 2015 football season. Hopefully, Buffalo’s record season ticket sales are a forecast of what we can expect from the franchise during the season. After all the fans are doing their part!


Do you miss Cookie or are you feeling a void on Wednesday’s now that the hit TV series “Empire” on Fox has come to an end for the season?

Well #CookieMonsters you can catch Taraji P. Henson aka hosting Saturday Night Live April 11th at 11:30pm on NBC!! #Takethesecookies

Car Pooling with Mariah Carey

In a perfect world this would happen!

Mariah Carey singing to her all of her hits in the car with you while you drive to work.

New Late Show host James Corden had a chance of lifetime as Mariah Carey rode along with him and she even did the “Bogle” a classic reggae dance move adopted in hip hop during the 90’s!!

Check out the video below.