Police Officer and Firefighter Job Opportunities

Police Officer

Application Deadline:  September 25, 2015

Exam Date:  November 14, 2015 


Application Deadline:  October 2, 2015

Exam Date:  December 19, 2015


Please refer to the link above to apply for newly posted City of Rochester civil service exam announcements (listed below).

PDF format of exam announcements:   http://www.cityofrochester.gov/app.aspx?id=8589946442   (printable version)

Jill Scott – Woman No. 1 Album

Jill Scott’s fifth studio album “Woman” debuts at the top on Billboard charts and iTunes!

iTunes Chart Week of August 3, 2015

This is huge for not only for the R&B songstress but for black music overall. There has not been a female R&B artist at the top of the Billboard chart in about a year and a half.

Read in depth here: Billboard.com

Jill Scott’s new album “Woman” is her second No. 1 album. Her first No. 1 was in 2011 “The Light Of The Sun”.

Another Jill Scott fun fact – she released her first studio album “Who Is Jill Scott?” on August 5th 2000, exactly 15 years ago!

Click Jill Scott – Woman to listen.

The Reign Review coming soon!

46th Annual Puerto Rican Festival

The Puerto Rican Festival of Rochester officially announces the festival dates for the 46th Annual Puerto Rican Festival.  Join us for three days of live music, food, cultural events, and much more.

Theme: Roots of our Distant Land

Dates: August 21st– 23rd, 2015

Location: Frontier Field VIP Lot

Friday August 21st – Henry Santos & Yomo

Saturday August 22nd – Buya, NG2, & Josie Esteban y La Patrulla 15 (El Re-encuentro)

Sunday August 23rd – Victoria Sanabria & La Sonora Ponceña

In addition to the headliners expected, they will have many local bands, dance groups, youth boxing, domino tournament, youth performances, children activities, agency fair, SSGT Javier Ortiz Memorial 5k Race & Walk, amazing food, and introduction of the Miss Puerto Rico of Rochester cultural pageant 2015 Queen and Princess.

Festival hours are as follows:

Friday: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Paid Admission at 2:00 PM)

Saturday: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Paid Admission at 2:00 PM)

Sunday: 12:00 PM – 7:30 PM (Paid Admission at 12:00 PM)

Admission: 3-Day Passes: $25.00, Regular Admission: $10.00 each day, seniors and children: $5.00, Children 5 and under are free.

Note: Kids 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
Please visit the website www.prfestival.com for more up to date information about the festival.

Current Exam Announcements and Job Openings

Listing Category Title Who May Apply? Min Salary Max Salary Salary Period Application
Exam 911 Dispatcher I ALL Applicants 32999.00 51314.00 Annual
Exam 911 Telecommunicator ALL Applicants 29268.00 45194.00 Annual
Promo Posting Administrative Assistant City Employees Only 40154.00 51541.00 Annual 8/6/2015
Exam Assistant HVAC Engineer ALL Applicants 24.56 28.81 Hourly 8/7/2015
Exam Clerk III/Typing/Bilingual ALL Applicants 31132.00 38919.00 Annual
Exam Firefighter City Residents 41327.00 77941.00 Annual 10/2/2015
Exam HVAC Engineer ALL Applicants 25.56 29.98 Hourly 8/7/2015
Promo Exam HVAC Engineer City Employees Only 25.56 29.98 Hourly 8/7/2015
Exam HVAC Mechanic/RHA ALL Applicants 30472.00 38944.00 Annual 8/7/2015
Exam Librarian I ALL Applicants 42759.00 55808.00 Annual 8/7/2015
Promo Exam Librarian II City Employees Only 45585.00 60427.00 Annual 8/7/2015
Exam Library Assistant ALL Applicants 37641.00 48346.00 Annual 8/7/2015
Job Opening Library Page/Part-Time ALL Applicants 8.75 9.50 Hourly 8/6/2015
Job Opening Maintenance Mechanic/Water Treatment ALL Applicants 16.86 21.21 Hourly 8/3/2015
Job Opening Master Automotive Technician ALL Applicants 44042.00 51540.00 Annual
Job Opening Master Electrician ALL Applicants 45585.00 60427.00 Annual 8/3/2015
Job Opening Master Truck Technician ALL Applicants 47954.00 56016.00 Annual
Exam Police Officer ALL Applicants 41985.00 73302.00 Annual 9/25/2015
Promo Exam Refuse Operations Manager City Employees Only 73430.00 96821.00 Annual 8/7/2015
Job Opening Secretary to the Chief Of Staff (C) ALL Applicants 42758.00 55808.00 Annual 8/3/2015
Job Opening Senior Community Housing Planner ALL Applicants 57179.00 75394.00 Annual 8/3/2015
Exam Superintendent of Water Plant Maintenance ALL Applicants 59667.00 78673.00 Annual 8/7/2015
Promo Exam Superintendent of Water Plant Maintenance City Employees Only 59667.00 78673.00 Annual 8/7/2015

What Disability?

Majority of Americans have the ability to hear and to see but how about if you didn’t have those abilities? Would you be able to do the things that you do now? In the sports world, the answer now is, YES!

Much like America’s favorite pastime, Baseball, Beep Baseball is for the visually and hearing impaired all around the world.

In the recent week, Rochester was fortunate to host the 2015 NBBA World Series of Beep Baseball. Twenty-four teams from around the U.S., Canada and Taiwan are playing in this series.

In total, there are more than 500 men and women playing for a championship and the idea of inspiring others.

Beep Baseball, of course, is played a little different. For instance there are only two bases instead of three, first and third, and you have four strikes instead of three. The pitcher, and the catcher are all on the same team as the hitter. The pitcher is usually their coach or a person that is not visually impaired.

The manager of the Red Wings Beep Baseball team stated, “I was bad enough when I played little league and baseball and high school that I could see, but with a blindfold, it gives you a new sense of respect for all of these players.”

These individuals are always looked at with pity because they assume they don’t have a job and can’t do a lot of things but to everybody’s misjudgment they are typical people living typical lives with some even excelling.

They are today’s inspiration.

Double Hand Transplant Made Possible

Hand Transplant


Ever imagine life growing up without hands or feet? It is hard to imagine right? There is no way you can do everything a normal individual can do. It’s heartbreaking.

Luckily for Zion Harvey, those restricted days are finally over!

Zion Harvey, 8 years old from Maryland, is the first child in history to receive a double hand implant

When Zion was 2 years old he developed an infection which caused him to develop gangrene and the doctors were forced to amputate his extremities.

After looking at Zion you would not expect that he spent a majority of his early childhood without hands or feet. He is a very outgoing young boy who smiles all the time.

During an interview his mother Pattie Ray stated “I see my son in the light I haven’t seen him in five years,” she said. “It was like having a newborn. It was a very joyous moment for me. I was happy for him.”

A team of 40 doctors and nurses worked 10 hours to replenish Zion with his lost extremities.

They released this statement regarding the surgery.

During the surgery, the hands and forearms from the donor were attached by connecting bone, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, tendons and skin. The surgical team was divided into four, simultaneous operating teams, two focused on the donor limbs, and two focused on the recipient. First, the forearm bones, the radius and ulna, were connected with steel plates and screws. Next, microvascular surgical techniques were used to connect the arteries and veins. Once blood flow was established through the re-connected blood vessels, surgeons individually repaired and rejoined each muscle and tendon. Surgeons then reattached nerves and then closed the surgical sites.

Zion stated that he can’t wait to hold his sister and wants to play the guitar, football and become a doctor after his healing process.

In the words of Zion:

I’m the same person who I still used to be, but with some cool new hands.

Back to College

As the month of July dwindles down the month of August is coming into focus. What does that mean for individuals ages 17 and up? College classes are soon to begin.

Whether you’re going into your first year of college or merely returning, college brings about many emotions of Americans today.


  •  There are many job opportunities that schoolS offers such as employment work study
  • Work study is a financial aid program and in accordance to the amount of aid you receive the school will allow you to make a certain amount of “X” dollars to pocket or help pay for your school
    •  Ex: Gym Attendant, Library Worker, Mail Sorter, Desk Assistant and etc.
  • FIRST YEAR STUDENT: *Hint Hint* Graduation parties bring in a lot of money so you can buy everything you need for school
  •  Make as much as you can in the summer, WORK, WORK, WORK


  • Before you go to school, make sure everything is A OK with your housing assignment
  • Talk to your roommate via email or Facebook


  • Your schedule should be made but check out your school academic calendar for class drop dates and withdrawals
  •  Shop for your books before you get to school and you are left in class with no books


  • Don’t worry. Go in being yourself and they will come
  • Arrange room decisions and split room expenses *SAVES MONEY*
    • Ex: Professors, Counselors, Advisors, R.A., and etc.

College is full of experiences, it is up to you to live it up and work hard to become who you truly want to be. The countdown starts NOW!

RIP Meek Mill’s Career

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.30.51 PM

Drake has released his second diss track to Meek Mill called “Back to Back” and straight bodied him. Ended his whole career! Meek better stop tweetin’ and get to writing cause it’s not looking good for him haha. Click “Continue reading” to listen to the career ending diss track.

My favorite lines: “You love her, then you gotta give the world to her
Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?
I know that you gotta be a thug for her
This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more

Yeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers
Yeah, you gettin’ bodied by a singin’ ni**a
I’m not the type of ni**a that’ll type to ni**as
And shout-out to all my boss b*tches wife-in ni**as”

Continue reading RIP Meek Mill’s Career