Softball Coach Makes Racist Comments

The main attraction to young kids when entering school is the option to play sports, right? Sports are what makes friends and obtain status while maintaining a skill set that one is pleased to have. They are fun to watch and interesting to converse about. We see the outcome of repeated practices but we lack the observation of how that outcome comes about. We lack the knowledge of how today coaches are treating their players behind the scene.

Coaches are the main attribute to a team’s success and failure. They are the ones who are supposed to guide children in the right direction in athletics and in school. They are the players’ encouragement.

Each coach has different ways of controlling and disciplining their players. Some yell, some talk and some discipline with threats of running. But do coaches hit, make hurtful or even racist comments? Not in all cases but in the case of a Texas high school softball coach, it is the case.

The family of the young teenager, who reported that her coach called her racist slurs, are still wondering why the high school softball coach didn’t receive any sort of punishment.

An April letter from the principal Carla Rix informed Coach Brenda Jacobson that she “may have made inappropriate comments to students based on race or skin color.”

In the 2014 season, Jacobson had been accused of calling the black players’ hair “nappy and nasty” and making comments on how the sun likes them because it is attracted to black.

Another comment she made was with another teammate when she cut her leg Jacobson said, “See, everyone is white on the inside.”

Is this what sports are coming to be? Sports are supposed to lift teenagers’ spirits up, yet some coach are discouraging them and showing a side of society that they never wanted to witness.

written by: Sedria Thomas


My 2015 Summerfest experience

All I can say is WOW. What an amazing event and learning experience.

Putting on a great show takes a village. First, thank you to all the listeners and the community for coming out and being a part of my 2015 Summerfest experience. Thank you to Mayor Lovely Warren and the City of Rochester, Senator Joseph Robach, as well as to all the other sponsors, vendors, volunteers and last but not least thank you to my WDKX family.

Can’t wait to see what’s next to come. Enjoy the rest of your weekend


Rochester SummerFest Event Lineup

Rochester I hope you have your tickets to the SummerFest. It’s an event you do not want to miss!

Here is today’s lineup:

Cecil Love: 3-3:15p

Kayla Brianna: 3:30-3:45p

Leela James: 4-4:20p

Jidenna: 4:35-4:55p

Rico Love: 5:10-5:30p

DJ Marly Marl: 5:40-5:55p

MERJ: 6-6:20p

Rob Base: 7:10-7:30p

Rakim: 7:45-8:15p

Doug E. Fresh: 8:30-9p

Salt-N-Pepper: 9:15-10p

Blues and BBQ


Rochester, I hope you’re enjoying some good ol Blues and Barbaque!! I know I am.  ^_^ I better see you tomorrow for some Salt N Pepa, Doug E Fresh and many more.

Trump at the top of GOP poll

Donald Trump is in first place in a new national GOP primary poll from theEconomist and YouGov. Despite several corporations cuttings ties with the presidential hopeful after inflammatory comments he made about Mexican immigrants, 15% of Republicans who are registered to vote put him as their first choice for presidential candidate. That puts him ahead of Jeb Bush, who got 11% of the vote, and is widely considered to be the frontrunner in the race for theRepublican presidential ticket.  Continue reading Trump at the top of GOP poll